UK Indoor Skatepark Guide

A - Z of 23 of the best indoor skateparks in the UK

UK Indoor Skatepark Guide – An A – Z
23 of the best indoor skateparks in the UK

The indoor skatepark is the backbone to the UK skateboarding scene, without them, to put it quite frankly, we’d be absolutely screwed for at least 5 months of the year.
Due to this, the indoor skatepark is a British institution and however much you might want to convince yourselves otherwise, is now and always will be the place where new talent is discovered.
Collecting Instagram followers like a demented bee collecting Nectar points might make you feel important, but the best way to get yourself out there is to turn up to the numerous events held in indoor skateparks across the country, get in the mix, skate with other heads who will push you and basically get involved in the wider scene.
That’s what every one of the current crop of UK sponsored heads did and that’s hopefully how it will always be.

Anyhow – you’ll find below a handy guide to 23 of the UK’s best indoor skateparks, set out in alphabetical order based on their location. Each entry has a little bit of info as to what is in the park, photos, links to notable events and demos that have taken place inside each park, plus all the obvious info that you’ll need.
This list is not exhaustive though and there are a few excellent indoor skateparks missing, ( Exist, Swansea, Junkyard, Deeside, Ramp 1, Warrington, Subvert Castleford, and Boom, Upton to name but a few) and this is only because we didn’t have the assets to hand right now.
Rest assured – we will add and update this UK Indoor Skatepark Guide as we go on so, if your park isn’t featured – let us know on Instagram, Facebook or whatever your chosen method of communication is, and we’ll get you in there.

Supporting your local indoor skatepark is important because it may be sunny now, but it won’t be in 2 months time.
UK Indoor Skatepark Guide – An A – Z

UK Indoor Skatepark – Aberdeen

Transition Extreme Skatepark
Links Road,
AB24 5NN

Telephone: 01224 626279

Aberdeen‘s Transition Extreme is a jewel in the crown of the North boasting just about every conceivable obstacle (with the exception of a traditional vert ramp), offering an amazing session to skaters of every level.
Their huge street area mixes up transition of every variety with an array of hips, ledges and rails laid out so that the whole area can be skated in lines, plus one of the best indoor bowls anywhere in the UK.
Transition Extreme has also played host to every Aberdeen leg of long-standing Skateboard Scotland event War of the Thistles, with hordes of skaters from across the UK descending en masse once a year for one of the heaviest skate events in the calendar. They also have the rare distinction of, over the entire period since opening, never allowing scooters within their four walls in order to maintain a scooter-free skate environment.
Peep our clip from War of the Thistles 2017‘s Aberdeen leg below to get acquainted with some of what this amazing indoor skatepark has to offer.

Saul Crumlish – Egg plant: Photo: CJ

Tom Shimmin – Hurricane: Photo: Horse

UK Indoor Skatepark – Blackpool

Ramp City WSA
Cropper Road

Tel: 01253 699005

Blackpool‘s Ramp City is another long-standing stalwart of England’s North West, playing host to a massive street course, an array of different mini and midi ramps and, of course, one of the UK’s most heavily sessioned vert ramps. Ramp City also hosts Big Woody’s skate shop so not only can you pop in for a session on any possible type of terrain, one of the UK’s loveliest humans is also on hand to sell you anything you might need.
Ramp City has also held countless notable events over the years including legs of the UK Independent Vert Series, Death Race, Andy Scott being a Jedi and various demo’s.
A massive skatepark with everything you could possibly want under one roof basically.
Peep this recent (ish) Converse off cuts clip for an idea of what lies in store.

Harry Lintell – kickflip: Photo: CJ

Jerome Campbell – wallride: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Birmingham

Creation Skatepark
582 Moseley Road
B12 9AA

Tel: (0121) 449 8000

Birmimgham‘s Creation skatepark has been around for a long while now and is currently feted amongst the UK vert fraternity for being the home of one of the UK’s most heavily shredded vert ramps, with their legendary Wednesday night sessions still attracting vert skaters of every generation.
Additionally, Creation houses a huge bowl complex, a BMX-friendly rhythm section and a small street area.
Check out a gallery from a recent Blockless Combat vert event here.

Dave Allen – Eggplant: Photo: CJ

Finley Kirkby – Backside air: Photo: CJ

Jussi Korhonen – Kickflip indy: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Bristol

The Campus Pool
Whitchurch Road
BS13 7RW

Tel: 01179 641478

With one of the most intriguing back-stories of all the indoor skateparks included here, Campus Pool occupies what was once a derelict building in the Bishopsworth area of Bristol, that had once played host to Bishopsworth Swimming Pool and had laid unused since 2012.
Campus, long involved in regeneration projects and skateboard advocacy in and around Bristol, fought an uphill battle which finally came to fruition in 2015 with the granting of a 25 year lease to allow the derelict building to be converted into a community asset in the form of Campus Pool.
You can read more about on the background to the Campus Pool regeneration project here.
Since opening up Campus Pool has held a number of events, hosted demo’s and created a bunch of content filmed in-house during their many lock-in sessions.
Basically, Campus Pool is one of only a few indoor concrete skateparks in the UK, the dudes in charge of it are super cool and the whole project is a credit to the skateboarding community. Go visit.
For a look at what the building looked like prior to its rebuild and makeover – check out the gallery here.

Here’s a video with back-story of the project.

Campus Pool Party ( behind the scenes ) from Clockwise Media on Vimeo.

And here’s a more recent clip to give you an overview of what’s in there to skate now.

Campus Pool Lock-In | Rock Solid from Campus Skateparks on Vimeo.

Luke McManus – Backside smith: Photo: CJ

Charlie Birch – Backside lipslide: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Cardiff

Spit and Sawdust Skatepark
Rhymney River Bridge Rd,
Unit B,
CF23 9AF

Phone: 02920 494741

Spit and Sawdust is a small but perfectly formed indoor wooden skatepark on the outskirts of Cardiff city centre. Owned and run by skateboarders, Spit and Sawdust is also celebrated for the excellent home-cooked food served there, their licensed bar and their skateboard magazine/video chill out area.
Main man Christian ‘Pirate Man’ Hart is pretty much the nicest human you could hope to encounter and will go out of his way to make sure you have a good time in the park.
Layout-wise, Spit and Sawdust combines a small but fun mini ramp with an extensive street area populated with moveable obstacles and with banks and transition lining the walls of the building.
Spit and Sawdust also cater for parties and events and hold regular jams and demo’s.
Go visit and tell the Pirate that we sent you.

Check the clip below for an idea of what to expect.

UK Indoor Skatepark – Corby

Adrenaline Alley
6 Priors Haw Road
NN17 5JG

Phone: 01536 202049

One of the largest indoor skateparks in the UK, Adrenaline Alley has every conceivable obstacle including the UK’s biggest vert ramp, complete with a resi at the side for training up those 900’s.
With over 120,000 square feet of space, Adrenaline Alley is a truly massive location and houses concrete, wood and dirt areas catering for all action sports.
Check their video below for a full over view of everything on offer.

Over the years Adrenaline Alley has played to host to various notable UK skateboarding events, including the UKSA British Championships, Tech Deck Young Guns and, most recently, a leg of the 2017 Independent UK Vert Series.

Andy Scott – Hurricane: Photo: Horse

Sam Beckett – Frontside tailgrab: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Dagenham

Better Extreme
Mayesbrook Park,
Lodge Avenue, Dagenham,


Despite being one of the newest skateparks on this list, Better Extreme can still boast an impressive litany of skate events since first opening its doors a few years ago. With yearly Halloween and seasonal jams and the annual City Slickers event, (held in conjunction with Slick Willies), London’s biggest indoor skatepark is a force to be reckoned with.
Layout-wise Better Extreme combines a massive open plan street area, replete with every variety of ledge, rail, hip and tranny that you could want, with various mini ramps and a bowl dotted around the outside.
Peep the clip below for a good overview of what’s on offer.

Liam Courtney – Feeble grind: Photo: Horse

Oska Sullivan – Hardflip: Photo: Horse

UK Indoor Skatepark – Dumbarton

Unit 23 Skatepark,
The Old Bond,
45 – 50 Castlegreen Street,
G82 1JD

Tel: 01389 768333

Unit 23 is Scotland’s largest indoor park by a country mile with a huge street course and one of the gnarliest indoor wooden bowls you’re likely to come across anywhere. As hugely popular on the BMX scene as it is on the skate scene, Unit 23 has played host to a leg of Skateboard Scotland’s War of the Thistles since (what seems like) time immemorial, along with a couple of Red Bull Manny Mania events back in the day.
Basically if you like big, scary transitions then you’re in luck here.
Check out our War of the Thistles clip from 2017 below to get an idea of what lies in store.

Aaron Wilmot – Frontside wallride: Photo: CJ

Sam Mason – 360 flip: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Hastings

Source Park and Shop
White Rock
Hastings, East Sussex
United Kingdom
TN34 1JL

Telephone: 01424 238360

Hastings has a long, long heritage when it comes to both skate and BMX, with the city playing hosts to many legendary skaters and riders stretching back as far as the early 80’s. Hastings also plays host to one of the UK’s gnarliest outdoor concrete beasts but as it’s indoor skateparks that we’re concerned with here, discussion of that is best left for another time. The latest incarnation of The Source indoor skatepark follows its earlier incarnation in the abandoned church building up the road, and it was also home to the Seventies BMX park the Concrete Cave previous to that.
The all new Source skatepark holds the somewhat dubious-sounding accolade of being the world’s largest subterranean skatepark (an accolade accorded to it by none other than The Daily Telegraph) and as such it is, as you’d expect – massive.
The ‘White Rock’ building housing the Source is 120 years old and has been all manner of things during its lifetime, including the aforementioned skatepark, an ice rink and a swimming baths, before falling into disrepair prior to its resurrection as a skatepark. Check this interesting documentary here for a little more on the building’s history.
Layout-wise the park has a bit of everything, with a definite emphasis on big tranny as befitting its BMX roots. Check the clip below from the recent Battle of Hastings event for a better idea of what lies in wait.

Sam Beckett – Back smith: Photo: CJ

Helena Long – 5050: Photo: CJ

Lucy Adams – Ollie: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Hemel Hempstead

Jarman Park
Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire HP2 4JS
(If using a sat nav please use HP2 4JW)

Phone: 01442 507100

The XC skatepark in Hemel Hempstead houses the nearest thing the UK has to an indoor pool with authentic backyard pool dimensions, a larger concrete square bowl, a big wooden street course and a fantastic 45 foot wide mini ramp at the back. Since opening back in 2011, the XC has rapidly become one of the most popular indoor skateparks for those living in and around London, despite the fact that getting there involves negotiating the world’s most insane roundabout AKA The Plough AKA The Magic Roundabout (although I’m not sure what’s ‘magic’ about it – unless that’s a reference to the designer being on drugs).
Over the 6 years since opening The XC has hosted sme truly classic skate events including the 2012 UKSA British Champs, Vans Shop Riot 2012, Concrete Carnival and a very memorable Flip Skateboards demo with Tom Penny himself (amongst others).

Ben Nordberg – Kickflip back disaster – Photo: CJ

Stu Graham & Colin Adam – Doubles: Photo: Horse

UK Indoor Skatepark – Hull

Rockcity Skatepark
Hawthorn Ave,

Phone: 01482 223030

Rockcity skatepark has been a part of the skate landscape of Hull for over 20 years, with a previous incarnation of the park hosting various events way back in the mid to late 90’s. That original park closed for a few years before Mark English reopened a smaller plaza-style skatepark inside the Rockcity climbing centre initially before unveiling the current park which definitely stands as one of the best and most innovative in the UK. Rockcity’s current park lay out houses a massive plaza style street section with many unique obstacles, a huge rhythm section, a massive bowl, a smaller clam shell bowl and an array of mini ramps.
With Hull’s current status as UK city of culture and with plans well underway to transform Hull in the UK’s first officially skateboard friendly city, you’d be doing yourselves a huge disservice not visiting this place. Check our Vans Shop Riot 2017 edit below for an idea of just some of what this place offers then get your sat-navs ready for a road trip.

Scott Palmer – Switch crook: Photo: CJ

Manhead – Nosebluntslide: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Leeds

The Works Skatepark
Kitson Road,
LS10 1NT

Telephone: 0113 244 6015

The Works in Leeds has been a mainstay on the UK indoor skatepark scene since first opening its doors back in the earlier 00’s. Housed in an old foundry, The Works boasts 25,000 square feet of space with a massive street room, brand new bowl with a cradle (see below for a recent video of this beast), flow room with huge transitions and jump boxes, along with a small spine and all manner of differing transitions.
Over its life span The Works has played host to some of the most legendary UK skate events in recent years, in particular The War of the Roses series of events, (which in turn inspired Skateboard Scotland’s War of the Thistles event), plus demos from every brand from Flip to Girl.

See the hyperlink above for archive footage of the War of the Roses events, and as a little bonus, check out the Andy Evans coverage from the 2007 event which is still discussed today as one of the most intense UK skate events ever held.

Aside from all the skate related stuff, The Works is also a national leader in other fields with The Works Skatepark currently working with the NHS and local schools delivering a range of activities to children and young people, working with a variety of children and young people who are both in full-time education and those who are not. For more information on that, visit The Works website.

Here’s a clip filmed very recently (June 2017) with footage of the latest addition to The Works, which replaces the infamous Snoz pool.

Scott ‘Horsey’ Walker – Wallie boardslide during War of the Roses 2007: Photo: Alex Irvine

Sam Beckett – Backside crailslide on the old square bowl: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Leicester

Broom Skate Park
Unit 5,
St John Street,

Broom Skatepark in Leicester is a fully skater-owned and operated indoor skatepark that has served the skate scene of Leicester for a long, long time.
Layout-wise, what Broom lacks in floorspace it more than makes up for with variety and fun obstacles incorporating a street section with ledges, banks, hubbas and rails, small mini ramp (perfect for learning on), mini bowl, vert wall and a variety of hips.
Broom is also the destination of choice for every Get Lesta premiere since Callun and co began their mission to destroy the entire country every year, as well as hosting regular events and jams, such as the recent Girl Skate UK anniversary Jam.

Peep this clip for a good overview of what lies in Broom Skatepark.

Matt Beer – Frontside air: Photo: CJ

Shumba King – Crook: Photo: Horse

UK Indoor Skatepark – London

Bay Sixty6,
Acklam Road,
W10 5YU

Phone: 020 8969 4669

BaySixty6 Skatepark just celebrated its 20th anniversary this year after originally opening its doors as ‘Playstation Skatepark’ on Saturday May 24th 1997 – making the venerable Bay one of the UK’s longest standing indoor skateparks. Situated under the Westway flyover in West London, Bay Sixty6 holds many accolades, not least of being an indoor skatepark that’s also partly outdoor – which is obviously a boon on the four hot days that the UK ‘enjoys’ each year.
The layout of the park has changed many times over the years and the roll call of superstars who have visited and/or done demo’s inside its doors is almost too long to name but everyone from the likes of Paul Rodriguez to Tom Penny have gone off under its roof at some point during its twenty years of existence.
The current layout boasts a huge modern street area with various rails, ledges, hips, hubbas and a double set, with a highly popular bowl and mini ramp taking up the space behind the street course.
BaySixty6 has also hosted countless competitions over the years, with the Nike SB London Am Series being held there most recently.
In short – Bay Sixty6 is an absolute must-visit for any skateboarder heading to London – tick off this indoor skatepark on your bucket list if you haven’t already.
Bay Sixty6 also offer free coaching sessions through their Nike SB Honour Roll Skate Club – click here for more info.

Check the clips below for an idea of what lies in wait.

Kyron Davis – Frontside 180 fakie nosegrind: Photo: CJ

Boo Johnson – Backside overcrook: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – London

House of Vans
228-232 Station Approach Rd,
Phone: 020 7922 1180

The House of Vans, London first opened its doors back in 2014, transforming what the space beneath Waterloo Station (which had been various things previously including a morgue, an illegal rave location and an underground theatre) in London’s only free-to-use indoor skatepark.
As well as the skatepark, which is divided over two rooms, one with a huge concrete bowl, and the other housing a concrete mini ramp and street area, The House of Vans also functions as an Arts and Music cultural hub with regular gigs, exhibitions, cultural activities and educational sessions, making it one of London’s most vibrant venues.
Skateboarding-wise, the venue hit the ground running and has never stopped with countless video premieres, wear test events, visiting pros and demo’s taking place over the last three years.
In 2017 The House of Vans closed for a refit and reopened with a brand new street area which has been crammed from the moment the doors opened.
See the clip below for a glimpse of the new skatepark lay out.

Victor Pellegrin – Backside ollie: Photo: CJ

Scott ‘Horsey’ Walker – Wallplant: Photo: CJ

Jordan Sharkey – Backside smith: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Manchester

Beast Rampz Skatepark
2 Matthew’s St,
M12 5BB

Phone: 0161 276 0752

Manchester’s newest indoor skatepark Beast Rampz does exactly what its name suggests by supplying the skate scene of Manchester with a massive indoor space with some of the biggest transition in the UK.
Layout wise Beast Rampz boasts a huge and highly varied street area, a kid’s section with mini ramps and smaller tranny, a 6ft midi ramp with a hip and tombstone extensions and its jewel in the crown, a huge and highly regarded vert ramp.
Beast Rampz hold regular events including the recent Skate don’t Hibernate jam and regular vert contests.
This place is an absolute must for any tranny heads so do yourselves a favour and go visit.

Reiss Johnson – One-footed eggplant: Photo: CJ

Andy Scott – Kickflip melon: Photo: CJ

Ben Grove – Kickflip: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Manchester

Projekts Skatepark
97 London Road,
Under the flyover,
M1 2PG

Phone: 0161 272 8538

Projekts Skatepark AKA Pumpcage celebrates its 13th year in 2017, growing from the small indoor wooden site it initially began life as and then colonizing the adjacent space and giving birth to Manchester’s first indoor concrete park some time later.
Over its life, Projekts has seen some heavy demo’s go down including teams from Emerica, Supra, and more recently Converse, during the Cons One star World Tour.
Layout wise, the Cage is divided into two seperate sections with the older wooden layout consisting of one flowing seamless street area and the newer concrete section housing stairs, handrail, oodles of ledge and a transition section at the back.
The Pumpcage sees heavy sessions every single night from Manchester‘s massive skateboard scene and the locals are really, really friendly. They also serve excellent food and have a skateboard magazine library.
Get over!
Check our Converse demo clip below for an overview of the concrete section.

Barney Page – Ollie out to wallride: Photo: CJ

Silvester Eduardo – Frontside flip: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Nottingham

Flo Skatepark
5 Poulton Drive
07863 130300

Situated roughly ten minute’s walking distance away from Nottingham train station and Broadmarsh bus station, Flo Skatepark is a mainstay of the Nottingham and related East Midlands skate and BMX scenes.
With two years of existence under its belt come August 2017, Flo Skatepark is firmly established in the national skate and BMX consciousness and stands as the largest and most diverse indoor skatepark in the East Midlands.
After the park’s initial opening and subsequent temporary closure in early 2015, Flo Skatepark returned as a community space in August 2015 and has flourished ever since and is 100% guaranteed to stay open and active within the skate, BMX and wider communities for the foreseeable future.

Flo Skatepark, Nottingham sits in a huge space with obstacles to suit virtually every kind of skateboarding aside from vert.
Upon entering, to your right hand side you will find Flo’s infamous kidney bowl, along with a large viewing area complete with moveable bits and pieces as well as a space for a DJ booth.
Adjacent to the bowl is the first section of Flo’s street area comprising of a multiple hubba and stair obstacle that leads into a huge steep bank standing at roughly 12 feet high.

To the left of the bowl and hubba area you will find a large open space which mixes up a BMX rhythm section with an open and constantly evolving street space full of moveable ledges. Behind this street and rhythm section you will find a number of rails, banks and steep transitions, with a small spined mini ramp sitting against the back wall.
Flo hold regular Skate and BMX nights, along with hosting various community-focused events and national skate events such as the UK finals of Vans Shop Riot in 2016 and the 2013 UKSA British Skateboarding Championship.

Barney Page – Back smith: Photo: CJ

Nick Remon – Frontside flip: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Plymouth

Prime Skatepark
21-23 Commercial Rd,

Phone: 01752 224360

Nick Marker has long been a mainstay of the Plymouth skateboard scene as both a shop owner, skatepark builder and owner and a ripper in his own right. The current Prime Skatepark which adjoins his skate store Prime Delux sits over three warehouse spaces with obstacles and lay out to suit all skaters of all abilities.
The three spaces offer a street course, rhythm section and mini ramp complex (the newest of the three layouts).
Check out the clip below from their recent Mini King event and get yourselves over there, you might even meet Stef Nurding.

Greg Nowik – Melon fakie: Photo: Leo Sharp

Jed Cullen – Blunt: Photo: Leo Sharp

UK Indoor Skatepark – Sheffield

The House Skatepark
Unit D,
Bardwell Rd,
S3 8AS
Phone: 0114 249 0055

Opening up in 1998, The House Skatepark sits on the cusp of celebnrating its 20th year of existence, an impressive feat for an indoor skatepark, even more so when you take into account that the House is 100% skateboarder-owned and operated and has been since the very beginning.
Rob and co deserve massive slaps on the back for weathering the storms (in their case quite literally with numerous floodings under their belts) and yet managing to thrive, grow and become an integral part of the UK skateboarding scene.
Lay out wise the House has three main sections, a huge and ever changing street course with ledge, rails, stairs, hips etc and a mini ramp. Behind that (by the entrance) is a beginner’s area with small ramps and banks and out the back sits the newest addition, the celebrated skater-built indoor bowl complete with pool coping.
The House hold regular events, including the annual House Comp which has been running for over 15 years and was available to watch on live feed last year, along with numerous bowl jams and charity events such as the recent fund raiser event held for the Holy Stoked charity.

Matlok Bennett-Jones – Backside flip: Photo: Horse

Dean Greensmith – Switch front feeble grind: Photo: Horse

UK Indoor Skatepark – St Alban’s

The Pioneer Club,
Heathlands Drive,
Harpenden Road,
Telephone: 01727 850741

St Alban’s Pioneer Club is the oldest indoor skatepark in the UK and has served the skateboard community for nigh on three decades now. Weathering the vagaries of the skateboard scene since the late 80’s, the Pioneer’s approach to skatepark design has always been based on fluidity and change with the earliest incarnations of the park being composed of movable obstacles that were put away after each session, then moving forwards with a course that was constantly revamped and redeveloped to sit with changing trends in skateboarding as a whole.
Some legendary contests went down at The Pioneer throughout the 90’s, Jenna Selby’s Girl Skate Jams have happened there annually for 15 years and in 2015 the UK Vans Shop Riot was held at The Pioneer, a clip of which you can see below.

Vans Shop Riot 2015 – Pioneer, St Albans. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

Peep this for a good overview of the current St Alban’s layout.

PIONEER X FarMan from Matthew Farman on Vimeo.

Alex Hallford – Ollie to frontside wallride: Photo: CJ

Harry Lintell – Frontside feeble: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Stourbridge

Unit3Sixty Skatepark
Block F, Units 5+6
The Stourbridge Estate
Mill Race Lane
West Midlands
Tel: (01384) 376 728

Stourbridge, aside from being the home of pop punk outfit Ned’s Atomic Dustbin is also home to Unit3Sixty skatepark, situated on an industrial estate in the centre of the city.
Unit3Sixty is a massive indoor skatepark with a mind-bogglingly huge street course, mini ramp and possibly the largest indoor wooden bowl in the whole of the UK.
Unit3Sixty put on regular skate events, most notably the annual Battle at the Black Country, which always goes off with local bands, local beers and general carnage.
Check out our clip from the 2017 event below for an overview of what the park looks like and head over.

Reiss Johnson – Backside boneless: Photo: CJ

Chris ‘Bambi’ Price – Nosegrind tailgrab: Photo: CJ

UK Indoor Skatepark – Truro, Cornwall

Mount Hawke Skatepark
Gover Waterworks,
Mount Hawke,
Phone: 01209 890705

What started life as a piece of tarmac outdoors in rural Cornwall has been transformed over the last two decades into one of the biggest and best indoor skateparks in the UK.
Mount Hawke serves a huge community of Cornish and Devon-based skateboarders and as such caters to every conceivable type of skater. Mixing a huge and constantly evolving street course with an excellent vert ramp, the Black Pool, plus the recent addition of a huge wooden bowl, Mount Hawke is a must for anyone in the area or for those in Cornwall on holiday.
Mount Hawke has long been a must stop on any and every UK tour and over the year’s the park has seen crazy demos from teams as diverse as Fallen Footwear and the once-mighty Blueprint Skateboards.

Check the clip below for a taste of what lies in store at Mount Hawke.

Mark ‘Trawler’ Lawer – Frontside 5050: Photo: Leo Sharp

Alex Hallford – Frontside slash: Photo: Leo Sharp

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