Nicky Howells ‘CONTENTS’ interview from Sidewalk 200

From Sidewalk 200 – May 2013


Nicky Howells
November 2006
Contents photos: Leo Sharp



So Nicky, can you catalogue for us exactly how many contents pages you’ve had over the years please?
1 – Nosegrind nollie bigspin heelflip out.
2 – Kickflip still.
3 – Kickflip back tail Kickflip out.
4 – Kickflip backlip to switch front crook.

Your first contents came out back in November 2006, issue 122, and was also the first thing you ever had in the mag, right? What was going on in your life back then?
– Yeah it was my first thing! I couldn’t believe it, like!
I think then I was 19 and had just moved to Bristol from Swansea; I didn’t know what the f*ck I was up to, just being a bummy skate rat in England with a sick accent (laughs)!
I’d gone to Milton Keynes for the day with Tristan, George Nevin and a crew to film and get photos; it was a sick day also because Toby Batchelor was there and I f*cking love him so.

Out of all of your contents, which are you the most stoked on and why?
– The first one just because it was my first thing in Sidewalk; one of my best friends who is also from Swansea (Tristan) shot the sequence and I think it was the first photo he’d shot that got in Sidewalk. We were both chuffed as f*ck like, we couldn’t believe it!

As the rest of this mag is based around iconic covers, we’ve asked most other people what their personal favourite Sidewalk covers from over the years have been. As we’re talking iconic contents here, what would you say are the most memorable Sidewalk contents pages you’ve seen? Other than your own, obviously…
– Snaddon’s halfcab at the Wells wasteland, because he’s only had one contents, bless him (laughs). Nah, obviously joking.
Barney’s frontside wallride in Barca – the photo is ridiculous and it was a sick trip.
Chewy’s back smith frontside 180 out on that London monument – I love that trick and love seeing Chewy’s skating.
Conhuir Lynn’s frontside grind in a full pipe thing. Conhuir’s one of my favorite skaters and I just love that photo.

From your perspective, what are the main benefits to scoring the contents over a cover?
– Well covers are the one really but the contents are like a sequel to the cover (laughs). F*ck knows really; covers are sick as f*ck and contents are sick as well, but not as sick as a cover (laughs).

How close have you been to getting a cover? Is it something you aim to do?
– I’m not entirely sure. There was one thing I tried ages ago that apparently was going to be a cover but I never did it so pfft…whatever. But in all seriousness I would like to get one at some point, I just think it’s an awesome thing to have.

How many tattoos did you have on your first contents appearance, how many did you have on your last, and how many have you got currently?
– One or two maybe, then maybe a sleeve, and now I don’t really know (laughs); a lot more than my mum would like me to have. I’ve had a lot done in the past year or two; my housemate Jimmie tattoos at Broad Street Studio in Bath which is also where I’m getting my back done by Marcos, so I have been getting stuff done by both of them recently which is super duper class and awesome!

Is there a limit to how many tattoos one human can have?
– I don’t think so! If you’re into it then I don’t see why you should limit yourself. As long as you’re happy with them then it doesn’t matter!

You’ve been an admirer of chart bangers and pop music for a long time now – how does the pop scene look to you today? Is it healthy? And what five current songs should everybody check out?
– Yeah I’m massively into the pop scene! I think the scene is still strong although I think Flo Rida should back off for a while, as he seems to be in everyone’s songs lately. Overkill!

My top five at the moment would be:

Pink – ‘Just Give Me A Reason’
JT – ‘Mirror’
Paloma Faith – ‘Just Be’
Michael Buble – ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ Little Mix – ‘How Ya Doing?’

What’s the present situation with Tha Heartbreakers? The debut album has got to be nearly ready, surely?
– Tha Heartbreakers are currently on hiatus as we’re working on other projects such as TNC (Tom, Nicky, Chris) and WHM (White Honky Mob).
But fear not as we’ll be getting back to it in the very near future.

What are you currently working on Nicky? Any new sections, projects or anything else in the pipeline?
– Nothing in particular, but I’ve been out filming a lot with Louis Gane and James Harris so I might have something coming out soon, but apart from that I’ve just been out enjoying skating with the lads which is the most important thing!

And lastly, are contents the new covers?
– I’m going to say yes. Just because I’ve never had a cover and it kills me inside every time I realise I haven’t!



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