Some of the greatest UK skateboarding slams – Part III

Prepare your grey matter for more homegrown skateboarding disasters.

If you’re feeling like you need a good waking up, a kick to the weary grey matter via your eyeballs or just a good old fashioned cringe-fest then you’re in luck, as we’ve just finished trawling the dusty archives for more quality seven ply brutality, and we’ve come back to the surface with the third instalment of our ‘Some of the greatest slams in UK skateboarding’ series.

Following on from the likes of Ben Grove, Aaron Sweeney, Howard Cooke, Ben Raemers, Stu Graham and the rest from part 1 and part 2, have a scroll below to see which homegrown humans have made the cut for round three. Prepare to grit them teeth…

Barney Page – Sidewalk ‘In Progress’ (2011).

Over the course of 2009 – 2011, Barney Page went on a mission to film his opening section for our ‘In Progress’ DVD release. For a lad who would fearlessly leap down, onto or over quite literally whatever spot we took him to, he seemed to come out of the filming process relatively unscathed, with the exception of this double head smack knockout in Milton Keynes.

Whilst Rob Selley vanished off to the shop in order to get the stunned Barney some water, Barns got up and hammered out the backside nollie on the next attempt.

An unstoppable ginger machine…

Adam Cooke – Lord Clothing ‘Hell on Wheels’ (1997).

Howard made the list last time, but for Part 3 we’ve decided to include the other half of Liverpool’s skateboarding Cooke siblings, Adam.

A misjudged road gap ollie results in a stumble to the floor and a board through the window of an unsuspecting office.

Mark Baines – 411 #32 (1998).

“That’s what you get when you film Mark Bainsey up close.”

You always need to be alert when you’re near the act of skateboarding, there’s no telling where a setup can be flung when a trick doesn’t quite go to plan. Here we see proof of that when a Stateside handrail trick gone wrong results in a split dome for cameraman Geoff Rowley.

Dave Mackey – The National Skateboard Co. Promo (2013).

I think it’s probably impossible to compile one of these lists and not include Mackey – he’s definitely a seasoned veteran of the slam scene. This particular snippet sees Mack bounce his head off signpost, writing off some £500 glasses in the process.

Protect your geggs…

James Coyle – Crayon Skateboards ‘Five Years’ (2013).

Keeping it in the North West for one more clip – an attempted front smith in The Wirral ends with a forward roll/dislocated shoulder combo for James Coyle.

Nick Richards’ face in this one says it all really.

Alex Moul – Raggy Clothing ‘Juice’ (1997).

Mouly tries to get all ‘Jump Off A Building’ and narrowly avoids both taking one to the plumbs and landing square on his head. Still, the slam he took wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either. Bet that hip was sore for a good while afterwards…

Tom Harrison – Sidewalk ‘In Progress’ (2011).

Last minute Miami bump to bar hesitation from Tom Harrison and some on point VX dolly work from Dan Magee produced this classic tumble, which opened up Tom’s section from our 2011 DVD ‘In Progress’.

Harry – Rollersnakes ‘Video Log 7’

Harry is one big human, so when he goes down, he goes down hard. This particular clip comes from the 7th issue of Rollersnakes ‘Video Log’ series, and sees the man himself tear his hand clean open on some sharp metal.

Make sure you get those tetanus shots!

Paul Silvester – ‘Viewfinder 3’ (2000).

This one could’ve been a whole lot worse (for Paul that is), but like Silky himself says, “at least it wasn’t any bones”. When was the last time you saw someone split a concrete paving slab in two? Madness.

Josh Young – The National Skateboard Co. Promo (2013).

Manhead tries to one up Ben Grove at this Sheffield landmark and winds up shaking his insides so much that an hour later he was vomiting blood.


Rowan Zorilla – Vans Pro Tour Demo, Liverpool (2013).

OK, so Rowan obviously hails from America but as this slam took place in Liverpool we thought it would be daft to not include it. New Bird is notoriously hard to skate for the uninitiated, and though he was seemingly flowing around the place with ease earlier in the session, this gap to lipslide attempt landed a young Rowan in Liverpool A+E with a split chin.

Mark Gonzales vs Pat Duffy, G97 – 411 Europe 97 (1997)

One final snippet of classic carnage then we’ll leave you to get on with your day. Back in 1997, Wembley Arena played host to one of the biggest comps to ever be held on British soil, in the form of Generation 97, or ‘G97’ for short. The comp has gone down in the history books for many reasons (check some footage from the spectacle here), but one of the most memorable moments was undoubtedly this savage mid air collision from Mark Gonzales and Pat Duffy. How they both walked away from this one is beyond us…


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