The girls of Crossfires ‘Halloween Massacre’ 2008!

As you’d expect, an event entitled the ‘Halloween Massacre’ obviously attracted a lot of attention from ‘hot goth girls’, especially when you take into consideration that the promo for the evening made it clear that Samhain themed fancy dress wasn’t an option.

Given that one of the most popular threads on the Sidewalk Forum is dedicated to ‘hot punk/emo/goth chicks’, we thought it wouldn’t be right to let an opportunity to catch a selection of prime examples from the event on film. Luckily, forum mod Spanky was on hand to take care of the introductions…

If you’re in search of actual skating footage, feel free to click here. If you like the sound of dolled up females as opposed to sweaty men skating a mini ramp, press play below and enjoy! Skateboarding Videos >>