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Sunday Service: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe

Dom Henry - Sunday Service - Bear witness

Sunday Service: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe
Header photo – kicker-assisted switch flip.
Photo: Reece Leung

2018 began with yet more satisfying UK skateboarding transfer news, with the announcement that Dom ‘The Output’ Henry has joined the Skateboard Cafe team.
Utilizing the contemporary version of a press release, (i.e. Instagram), Cafe dropped the news that the people’s champ had joined the team last Sunday, thus handing us a perfect excuse to fashion this little ode to Dominic and his back catalogue of skateboarding produce for this week’s Sunday Service.

In the early 00’s, myself and Ryan Gray worked out which UK skateboarders had produced the most amount of video parts over the preceding decade or so and, as far as I can remember, it ended up a dead-tie between Franklin Stephens, Joe Gavin and Mark Baines, who between them had collectively produced over 30 sections during a ten year period, (that’s at least one full part, usually more, every year for a decade).

Obviously, the Internet has changed how things work now and ‘sections’ have slowly morphed into ‘some footage’ and/or Instagram posts which is fine, but even with that shift in how skate footage comes out, I think we can safely add Dom Henry‘s name to the list of most productive UK sponsored skateboarders of the decade that began in 2010.

Switch frontside flip – Manchester
Photo: Chris Johnson

There was so much to choose from for this timely Sunday Service: Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe adventure that we decided to limit the video sections included to those released since 2010, and even working within those parameters, Dogtanian has still put an admirable amount of miles on the clock.
We’ve included ten sections here – some stand alone ‘parts’, others more mini-sections within larger projects – but there are plenty more.

The output during Dom’s early years as a young acolyte of the highly dope and culturally critical Reading skate scene are not included here: nor his time in New Zealand which produced at least two sections that we know of (NZ Denim 2008/9 & a part in Colin Evan’s ‘Visual Ketchup’ 2010 video).

On top of that, there are sections from his time on The Harmony Skateboard brand, innumerable trip-based video appearances, a grip of footage for the Converse ‘Lobster Tales‘ project and his part in Vibeseekers 2, plus all manner of event edits and whatnot.
Put simply, I think we can confidently award Dom Henry the current and indisputable reigning title as the UK’s single most productive skateboarder.

You’ll find below our ten picks roughly arranged in order of the release dates, for your perusal and entertainment, along with some classic photos from around the same era.

I’ve personally written about Dom Henry quite a lot over the time since he went from being a name attached to a human that nobody had ever seen on a UK DC team advert in Sidewalk and Document in the early 00’s, to the living, breathing, skateboarding stellar human that is he today, so I’m not going to wax on too much.

In fact, and at the risk of quoting myself like a total bellend, I think I’ll sign off by referring you back to something I wrote about him back in 2015 for his Sidewalk interview, (you can see the full thing here – Dom Henry Sidewalk Interview).

Reading born, one-time global-wanderer and current Manchester-resident Dominic Henry is one of my favourite people. His skateboarding is infused with a sharp eye for aesthetics, his technique is impeccable and his output would be unparalleled if he didn’t happen to live in the most productive skateboarding scene in the UK. Aside from that, Dom is also very funny and brutally sarcastic at times – traits that always make any time spent with him worthwhile, so it gives me great pleasure to present him, his skateboarding and his amusing lexicon of skate terminology to you all. Enjoy.

‘Pusherman’ by Sean Lomax and Joe Gavin (2011)
Shared part with Jed Coldwell – Dom begins at 2:00

‘Snake Eyes Die’ by Joe Gavin (2013)
Last part for Dom starting from 48:00

Shads – Mark Kendrick (2013)

Grey x Converse ‘Blend’ (2015) Filmed/edited by James Cruikshank
Dom’s section begins at 4:00

Dom Henry – Live skateboard Media edit by Sean Lomax (2015)
Also notable for being one of the first ever HD skate videos shot in the 4:3 aspect ratio – big up Sean Lomax!

Pixels RAW for Independent Trucks (2015)

Politic x NOTE section (2015)

Politic ‘Division’ section (2017)

Threads Idea Vacuum ‘Supervisual’ (2017) by Matt Creasy, Alex Rose & Chris Thiessen
Dom’s part from 3:15

‘Next’ by Quentin Guthrie (2017)
Dom’s is the last part from 11:35

Just before we go, I’d also like to remind you all of three other facts.

a) Dom Henry imported the term ‘crend’ from New Zealand and set it free into the lexicon of British skateboarding, so the next time that you, or your mates use it, remember that it’s down to him.
Here are a few words of advice from Dom as to its proper utilization.

The term ‘crend’ has been diluted so much over here. It means ‘career-ender’ but because it’s a fun word to say, it has been used incorrectly a lot. It’s originally from Christchurch in New Zealand and in order to ‘crend’ in its truest meaning, you’d need to shit your pants or do something really bad. I hear people say, “oh are we crending tonight?” and I’ll think to myself, “I dunno, are we? Are you going to shit your pants? Because if you’re not, then we’re probably not crending.”

b) Dom is not paid to skateboard.

And finally c) The sequence below is one of the best ledge tricks ever done by a British skateboarder in this country.
The End.
All hail ‘The Dutton’…

Nomenclature nerds alert – I’m calling this a Clyde-slide switch flip out. If you don’t like it – tough shit.
Photo: Chris Johnson

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