Oscar Candon – Interview

Oscar Candon

So to start off, we’re here on the Supra Chino tour in Barcelona with you, Boo and Dee rocking a new signature colourway each. Where has the tour been through so far, and what spots have been stand-outs?

So we started in California, we hit a couple of spots, a couple of shops and demos around San Jose and then we went to Arizona and did the same there. Then we flew to Paris, the south of France, and now here in Barcelona for the last leg of the tour. We’ve been skating demos a bunch – a little bit of street skating but not too much – but there’s been a lot of bad weather as well, unfortunately. Since we arrived in Europe it hasn’t been the best weather so it’s been hard to get some shit done, but we hit some good spots. Yesterday we skated this weird-ass bank to drop in Avignon, that was a good spot; I think that might be one of the only spots we got shit at. We hit a couple of spots in America, but nothing too crazy so far. Now we’re in Barcelona we’ve got a day or two of skating, so we’re definitely gunna try and get some good shit here.

Battling with the constant traffic Oscar finally reels in a prize winning manny biggie – Photos Horse

How does the shoe feel compared to previous Supra models?

Well I was always skating the Cuba before, the slip on. That one tends to become a bit loose since it’s a slip on, so they just took the sole of the slip on and put laces on it. So it’s the perfect sole – I don’t even skate the slip on, the Cuba anymore, I just skate this now. There’s more support but it’s still got the same simple, thin feel to it so it’s perfect. I’m really happy with them, they’re really good for skating in.

Let’s go back to the beginning – when did you start skating and what started it?

I lived in the States, but I remember before that when I lived in the South of France I rolled around on skateboards; on my ass and stuff, but nothing really. Then in the States I went to a friend’s house, he had a skateboard and was trying to ollie. I ended up trying an ollie and did one in, like, two minutes or something so I was like “Damn, I need more of this”. I ended up kinda stealing his board – I kinda borrowed it and never gave it back – and from there it never stopped really. It’s fucked up really, to think from that day it was just on 100%, every day.

The same thing happened with me when my sister got a board for Christmas as a kid and that got ‘borrowed’.

It’s insane! Because other sports you’ll go like “I got training on Fridays” and shit, while with this – with this, from the moment you start, you’re fucked [laughs]. Every day! So that’s how I started skateboarding.

Having lived in the US for a while as a kid and having been back recently with Supra, how does it compare from a European perspective skate-wise?

Well it depends where you go. I mean New York has that kind of European vibe, I really like New York. But with LA it’s a completely different world. Everything is way more planned out, everything is so far apart. You’re so spread out in those cities, Los Angeles especially. You have to plan your days and exactly where you’re going to go because you get to a spot, it takes two hours and you might just get kicked out in a minute. So if you don’t have a plan of where you want to go next you might end up doing another three hours of driving. I’ve never done as much driving as I did in LA.

Looks tranquil right? World War 8 was kicking off just to the right as the wallride session got started – Oscar gets right up it (frontside) – Photo Horse

The car legs must be hard to handle…

Yea it sucks…but then the thing is there are some fucking really good spots over there, which makes up for it being such a mission to go and skate them. There’s some really good shit out there for sure, really different from Euro-style spots.

You’ve been over to the UK a few times now – was the Emerica Big Push clip way back in 2012 the first? I guess the spots have a similarly rough feel to a lot of those in France once you count out those smooth marble Euro-plazas?

Fuck, was it the first one? It might be, I don’t really know, but the Big Push was good! I like the UK for skating, I always skate some good shit when I come to the UK. It’s rougher than France, but I really like it for skating. All the spots…the bricks, I love the bricks! I love those spots that not a lot of people want to skate…they’re just so shit!

That is the rad side of it – maybe not the weather, but I guess that’s part of what makes the spots what they are…

Exactly! The weather does suck. I was living in London, I had a girlfriend there for two years and fucking hell the weather!

You play guitar, and I know you’ve mentioned Motorhead as one of your favourite bands in previous interviews…

Really, I mentioned Motorhead as one of my favourites?

Maybe in the Vice interview?

Ah! I said a lot of bullshit in that interview [laughs].

Ha, well I was going to ask you your favourite Motorhead scored section?

Who skated to Motorhead?

Wade Speyer for one…

We actually talked about this the other day, we couldn’t think of anyone who’d skated to Motorhead. I mean you’d really need to go at it like Trujillo to pull it off, it needs to be some gnarly-ass fast skating. It’s not given to everyone, to skate to Motorhead. I didn’t see that Speyer part…

A well placed placky barrier becomes Oscar’s muse as he heelflips it – Photo Ryan Allan

What other bands and artists fire the session?

Sabbath always works…Sabbath, and I’ve been listening to lots of Pink Floyd in the van. But it depends, there’s a music for every session. You get gnarly when you put Sabbath on, that works for sure. But I listen to a little bit of everything, I don’t have kind of a cult following of one genre.

You spend a lot of time fishing right? Did that or skating come first?

Fishing for sure – I went fishing a lot as a kid. I don’t do it enough anymore, I don’t have enough time. I usually go fishing in Sweden for a month, but I didn’t last year and don’t think I can this year. When I was living in Barcelona I tried fishing in the sea, but I’m more of a lake fisher than a sea fisher. So I don’t have much time for fishing now, but I’ll figure something out when I’m a bit older, look for somewhere I can fish close to where I live. Fishing near Paris isn’t the easiest though…

Above – Probably a first as Oscar ollies the rail to 50-50 on the top step – Photo Horse 

Did you find that one helped train your patience to improve the other?

Yeah for sure. I mean it depends what you’re fishing for, but in Sweden we fish for pikes and so it’s not the slow fishing, you’re always throwing, reeling in. It’s kind of like you’re hunting for fish on your little boat in the middle of nowhere out in nature [laughs], I like it! But yea the patience is useful. When you get a fish and you’ve waited – sometimes you’ve waited for three days and then you get a fish – then you’re stoked…dinner is served! [laughs].

Watching your footage I can definitely see a link back to a 90s ATV approach to skating – Speyer, Senn, Drehobl etc. Who influenced you skate-wise growing up?

Well we were talking about this the other day; it’s more like, I kind of skate things that are easiest for me. All the shit I do is kind of what comes naturally…what feels easier for me. All the ledge tricks and shit I do I properly had to learn them, those were hard to learn…I do a lot of ollies anyway [laughs]. I mean for sure there are skaters who influenced me, but I was never the big fan of one skater – like, “oh my god, this guy is the best” – I’ve never been like that. I mean I’ve always watched skate videos but my skating is just what comes naturally. I’ll steal some tricks here and there for sure…if I can do them! But otherwise, just what is natural.

Cheers man, that seems like a good point to finish on!

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