Max Pouncey ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 201

From Sidewalk 201 – June 2013


Photography & words by Vic Mac Mahon


Tell us a bit about yourself – who you are, where you’re from and how long have you been skating?
– I’m Max, I’m 17 years old, from Altrincham which is just outside Manchester, and I’ve been skating for about six or seven years.

Who did you grow up skating with?
– I grew up skating in Altrincham with my big brother George and a couple of his mates, then I met Nick Jones and the West Alty Massive crew at an intense Tesco session on a Sunday. After that those guys were practically my babysitters (laughs).

Who influences your skating style/tricks?
– I’m always having the piss taken out of me for ‘trying to be Dylan Rieder’ so I guess I’m influenced by the tricks he does and his style, but I wouldn’t quite say I’m trying to be him (laughs).

Who do you like to watch skating?
– I prefer watching a lot of my friends skate. My friend Jacob Johnson is always trying to educate me by showing me loads of videos, which are always sick, but I much prefer watching my friends or someone I know kill it than a full-length video or a part from say, a big company.
I think it’s so much better being hyped and stoked on seeing one of my friends smash it!

What’s your favourite skate video?
– My big brother Bruce has a massive collection of skate videos and one of the first ever skate videos I watched was Closure, a video made up of over ten years of street skating in Philadelphia. It’s got like a documentary style to it as years go by in it which I think’s really cool, and it has so many sick skaters from all over the world in it.
It even has Bam killing it from when he was a little kid (laughs)!

What’s your favourite skate part?
– Probably Dylan Rieder’s Gravis part. I’ve watched it about a million times (laughs). Austyn Gillette’s new part was really good as well, his style’s sick! All the homies parts in Volumes One (the new Manc video) are ridiculous; it has some absolute bangers in it!

When did you first come to the attention of WAM talent scout Nick Jones?
– (Laughs) At an intense Tesco session after a day of shredding Stamford park bowl! I always used to see Nick and the crew skating about and always used to try and impress them when I was a little kid (laughing) and I slowly just started skating with him and we have been tight homies ever since!

Who do you usually skate with?
– The usual crew is Jay Johnson, Keanu Robson, Sam Bottenberg, Jay Stone, Paddy Gomulski, Joe Roberts and Leo Macdonald Oulds; I’m always out filming street skating with those guys for Volume One, they all absolutely kill it on a ridiculous level!
I’m also a big Pump Cage (Projekts Skatepark) lurker and love skating with Louie B, Lewis Threadgold, Reiss Johnson and all the other Cage lurkers; love those guys!

What does the future hold for Max Pouncey?
– (Laughs) God knows! I do acting at college, play football and skate, so I’m just gunna keep doing what I’m that and see where it all takes me. Hopefully I want to go abroad for university in a couple of years and be in some good weather so that I can just skate as much as possible in the sun; that would be amazing!

If you weren’t a skateboarder what would you be doing with yourself?
– I’d probably be playing football all the time (laughs). I’ve always loved football and playing it, I’m a massive Manchester United fan and go to all the home games with my Dad and my brother. I was playing football for Manchester United’s academy and Blackburn Rovers up until the age of about 10, then I started skateboarding and that’s all I wanted to do (laughs). I play for Altrincham F.C’s youth team now which is sick, I’m still mad keen on it!

Tell us about the time you got locked in Skating Prohibited.
– (Laughs) Well there was a skatepark in Altrincham a good few years ago inside a big warehouse like building. It wasn’t open for very long and it shut down, but the ramps inside were never taken down or destroyed, so there was a big skatepark inside a warehouse which we couldn’t skate. About five years after it shut the ramps were still there and some BMXers had found a way inside, so me and a friend thought we’d go down to skate it. We got in and the ramps were pretty haggard but still skate-able and we had a good skate, until the BMXers who were in there with us put a big lock on the only door in and out of the place, and then started running at me and my mate with cling film and tried to wrap us up. I absolutely shit myself! But luckily we managed to get away from them and get out of the skatepark, and we never went back (laughs)!

Anything else?
– Big thanks to my Mum, Dad, Bruce and George. To Jacob, Nick, Keanu, Sam, Paddy, Jay, Joe and Leo for being the homies. Watch out for Volume One, it’s going to be ridiculous! Louie B, Lewis, Reiss, Ross Kemp, Hui and all the Cage staff and lurkers! To Tony, Joe, Splodge and all of the guys at Note! Shout out to the whole scene in Manchester, and a huge thanks to Vic for all this!


After sacrificing a full candle Max Pounces (sorry) on a flip frontboard. Photos: Vic 

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