Best skateboard trucks 2017 – 2018

The year's best skateboard trucks reviewed by the Sidewalk team

Hanger width, height, geometry, grinding materials, base plates, rubbers, pivot cups – there’s a lot going on with the outwardly humble-looking skateboard trucks which is why we put together this list of some of our choice picks of the best skateboard trucks 2017 – 2018.

Picking the right skateboard truck can make the world of difference to your set up: pick the wrong width or height and you’re going to make the process of learning way harder than it needs to be, so it’s essential to make an informed choice before purchasing.

Truck width is generally measured by axle-width (that the length from one truck wheel nut to the other) and your trucks should match up with the width of your deck. If you pick trucks that are narrower or wider than your deck, this will cause you problems. Some manufacturers do measure truck-width based on hanger-width, and some use metric rather than imperial, so if you’re unsure – consult your local skate store for advice to make sure you’re choosing the right skate truck.
As a rule of thumb, the following information should help you select the correct skateboard trucks to fit your chosen size of skateboard.

  • 6″- 7.25″ truck axle – 6.5″ to 7.25″ skateboard decks
  • 7.5″ truck axle – 7.25 to 7.5″ skateboard decks
  • 7.75″ truck axle – 7.5” to 8″ skateboard decks
  • 8.0″ truck axle – 8” to 8.5″ skateboard decks
  • 8.5″ truck axle – 8.5” to 9″ skateboard decks
  • 9.0″ truck axle – 9” to 10” skateboard decks
  • 10.0″ truck axle – 10” wide and above skateboard decks

Before you go any further, we suggest a little look through at our Skate Basics advice section first to clear up any confusion you may have regarding some of the terminology used.

Have a look at our section on Choosing Skateboard Trucks first, and then the section on the Skateboard tool kit that you will need.

Additionally, if you’re tempted by those £10 complete skateboards that you’ve no doubt seen, have a quick look at our piece on why you shouldn’t buy a cheap complete skateboard from a supermarket too.

All the skateboard trucks seen here are also featured in this year’s Sidewalk 100, so if you need more information and want to see the product in action then you know what to do.
Read on for a selection of our picks of the Best Skateboard Trucks 2017 – 2018

Independent 149 Stage II Forged Titanium Skateboard trucks

The latest iteration of the classic Independent Stage II truck with the added bonus of super light and extra strong titanium axles, custom forged base plate and hollow chromoly kingpins drastically reducing weight, making these 15% lighter than your standard Stage II’s.

Indy is the benchmark by which all other skateboard brands are measured when it comes to trucks so if you’re after a strong, lightweight, standard height profile truck suitable for board widths around the 8.25″ – 8.75″ range: you’d be hard pressed to do better than these. They are more expensive than a regular Indy but the reinforced strength and weight reduction make them more than worth it.

Check out our full review of these Independent 149 Stage II Forged Titanium Skateboard trucks, (including a rider test video) here.

Tensor Andrew Brophy Mag Light Skateboard trucks

At the opposite end of the skate truck spectrum to Indys, lies Rodney Mullen’s own foray into the truck market via the Tensor truck brand.
With an emphasis on reducing weight, these Andrew Brophy Magnesium Lights do what they say on the tin, clocking in at miniscule 252 grams, (29% lighter than any other similarly sized truck on the market), thanks to the hanger and base plate’s magnesium construction.
With an 8.375″ axle-width, these are suitable for boards around the 8.25″ to 8.5″ range so for tech heads looking for a strong but super-light truck in a standard height profile – these are probably for you.

Check out out full review of these Tensor Andrew Brophy Mag Light Primo Dip skate trucks here.

Silver M-Class Hollow Skateboard trucks

If you’re looking for a higher profile truck (some people find that higher profile trucks in tandem with smaller wheels help with pop) but don’t want the extra weight, then these M-Class Hollow Silver trucks are definitely worth a look.

Aimed squarely at the tech end of the skate truck market, Silver’s hollow axle construction and low-set kingpin are designed to keep weight down and do away with the possibility of kingpin lock whilst grinding. The shorter-than-average axle width (7.785″) means these are well-suited to those who prefer a slimmer deck (around 7.75″ – 8″), whilst the higher profile means you can run a set of up to 55mm wheels with no fear of wheel bite.

Check out the full review of these Silver M-Class Hollows here.

Mini Logo Skateboard Truck

Looking for a mid-range entry level skate truck? Mini Logo have you covered.

‘Budget’ trucks are a notoriously unreliable and badly manufactured so our advice to anyone who is looking for a cheaper set of trucks whilst maintaining quality, would be to pick something from the excellent Mini Logo range.
Coming in at around 20% cheaper than your standard set of ‘pro’ trucks, Mini Logo are tried and tested with a great (deserved) reputation and manufacture trucks in sizes ranging from a 7.13″ axle-width (perfect for kids), right through to 8.75″.
The best choice out there for a reliable entry-level set of skate trucks.

Read the full Mini Logo Skateboard Truck review here.

Royal ‘Street Pirate’ Skateboard Truck

Royal is Crailtap’s truck brand, part-owned by founding Girl skateboards pros Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson and therefore, as you’d expect, are trucks designed for, and aimed at, the tech street skater market.
Royal manufacture in both standard and low profiles and with a range of widths catering for people who ride skinnier boards around the 7.5″ range, right through to wider models for the 8.5″ deck width brigade.

Check the full Royal Street Pirate Skateboard Truck review here.

Thunder Titanium Lights 148 Skateboard Truck

As the oldest truck skateboard brand out of the Deluxe stable, Thunder has a great reputation within the industry for producing responsive, long-lasting trucks suitable for all types of skating.
These Titanium Lights are a high profile truck, allowing those of you who prefer larger wheels to run up to 55mm’s with no fear of wheel bite. Additionally, with Titanium axles, weight is kept low and the patented low-sitting hollow kingpin makes for a smooth, unimpeded grind. With an 8.25″ axle, these are perfect for the ubiquitous 8.25 width deck also.

Check the full Thunder Titanium Lights Skate Truck review (complete with rider test video) here.

Venture V Hollow Lights Skateboard Truck

These Venture V Hollow lights are a low profile truck, perfect for those of you who prefer smaller wheels (say 48mm – 52mm) and, as such, are predominantly aimed at the street-skater market. Clocking in a little cheaper than the Indy and Thunder alternatives above due to the materials used, (forged aluminum) the Venture V Hollows feature hollow axles to keep weight down and come with a low profile kingpin. A reliable mid price range choice for the more technically-minded skater.

Check out the full Venture V Hollow Lights review (complete with rider test video) here.


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