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Last Orders: Ben Nordberg MK 2

OK, so this weeks Last Orders will eventually be with Duffs and UK City rider Adam Howe, but he’s vanished into thin alcohol tainted air with Tom Watts, Budd, Dave Davies and Gav Coughlan, so, in the meantime, Ben Nordberg has stepped up to drop a ‘Last Orders: MK 2’ to kill some time. Click here for his OG ‘Last Orders’ from May this year.

Adams ‘Last Orders’ will be dropping in the very near future so keep an eye out!


Drink you ordered: A street beer from one of those sketchy c*nts on The Ramblas in Barcelona.

Person you spoke to: Have to be Porno after I merked him on the Wii at bowling in the hostel.

Person you looked at and thought ‘what are you wearing?’: Dude over there, in a baby blue rugby top, red trackie ‘Kappa’ bottoms tucked into sky blue socks! Plus mohawk and 80s steez Adidas.

Pathetic chat up line you heard: “What’s the legal age of consent in Japan.”

Trick you filmed: Switch back heel – didn’t land it.

Photo you shot: Switch back heel – didn’t land it.

Country you visited: I think it was Sweden. Bit of WESC action.

Thing you skated in your hometown: The Empire Set – the handrail…yeah! Handrail! You read that right, bitches!

Skate event you travelled to: UK Champs, killed it. Came ninth! Boom-ting!

Trick you learnt: Switch front bigspins.

Trick you lost: Switch tres, lost em, gone…gone, forever. Well, maybe not. I’ll try one tomorrow.

Book you read: Al Murray “Big Book of British Common Sense” – stuck at the airport, so bored I resorted to buying a book. I read about a quarter of it.

Time you were outraged: When Leo got sent to the slammer. F*cking out of order, the policeman was a prick.

Piece of advice you received: “You’ve got to turn your shoulders more.” Leo Sharp.

Time you laughed til you cried: Porno Paul got naked in a Tee-pee at Wakestock because this guy would not leave, so he rubbed his knob in his face. That did the job!

Song you sang along to: Outkast ‘Roses’ in the hostel – they played it about four times.

Film you watched and enjoyed: “Don’t be a Menace to South Central” Gotta rep your ends!

Film you watched and hated: “Saw 5” I don’t ever watch films. Fuck that one.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: The Fallen video – watched that for some reason, can’t remember why. Chris Cole was pretty good…

Website visited: Hotmail! Rubbish.

Thing you downloaded: Some Capleton tunes.

Memorable thing that Porno did: Me and him were sitting next to some French chicks on the computers in the hostel and we went on a translator website and he typed in “have you ever dated a Welsh Valley Roider?” and showed it to them. They’re keen, end of.

Failed chat up line: “Don’t be nasty, show us your pasty!”

Skateboarder who impressed you: Porno Paul, nollied a massive set the other day. Massive! Up and comer – the next big thing! And Morph for his cobbled tit tre flip – MC Bones like whoa!

Time you said “never again”: Sharing a room with an American military soldier. What a cock!

Item of importance that you lost: A fishing rod.

Time you feared for your life: Running away from the Spanish police avec f*cked leg, prior to Leo getting arrested. He fought ten of them, took six down, climbed a sky scraper with a woman in his hand, then Blackwell appeared and dropped a hot 1080 over the whole scene, with a broken foot. Well, the last bit isn’t true but I was legging it away from the police.

Nordberg and Vile: The Bath Edit… Nordberg and Kris Vile – The Bath Edit! >>


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