Exclusive Ben Nordberg interview!

Ahead of the online release of his debut Flip Skateboards video part tonight, we sat down with Bath’s very own Ben Nordberg to find out more info on the project, as well as catching up on Instagram beef and his preferred choice of current ear-fodder.

Read on below then check back at around 6pm tonight to catch the premiere of his section…

Having being sponsored for the best part of five years now, how on earth have you managed to escape filming a proper video part? In this day and age most people are banging out at least one a year, how come you’ve managed to slip through the net?
Good question (laughs). I broke my leg really badly which probably took almost a year to recover from properly, since then I would either film with Russell Houghten or Ewan (Bowman), and occasionally Greg Hunt. I figured that I probably had enough footage to put a part together and that’s how it came about.

Since you started skating, how many videos have you actually managed to get parts in, up until now? You’ve put in brief appearances on quite a few UK videos over the years haven’t you, that I guess people outside of the UK probably haven’t seen?
I was in one when I was about 15 which I didn’t know I was going to be in, then since then its just been a lot of web clips mainly. I’m stoked to finally be putting out a part.

How did getting this new Flip part come about then? Is it something you went out with a clear aim to produce, or did you just start stockpiling footage from trips and it took shape that way?
Nah it just kind of happened. I had footage with a few different filmers, we just got it all in one place and it turned out that there was enough for a part.

Ben Nordberg - Backside 180 nosegrind. Photo: Horse.

What was the first trick you filmed that made it into the part?
I honestly have no idea. Because it was a recent decision to do this it’s hard to determine what the first trick I did for it was.

What about the last?
Same thing, I want to say something from a Gravis trip we went on in Belgium, though I’ve filmed a few bits at Arto’s recently too.

Out of all the tricks in the section, which one are you the most stoked on, and why?
I think the last trick (description removed for obviously spoiler purposes). That thing is pretty scary to commit to!

Give us an amusing tale that happened whilst out filming for the part that most people reading this wouldn’t know. You must have found yourself in some sketchy scenarios trying to session those mental looking ditch spots…
Recently in Australia I was rolling up to a set of stairs, and there was this random dude walking along with his family about 5 feet behind him. I was kind of close to hitting him but didn’t think anything of it, next thing i know he knee’s me in the stomach and starts going off about how I almost hit his kids. There were so many of us at the spot that the situation was diffused pretty quickly and we made him look like an asshole.

Ben Nordberg - Backside ollie. Photo: Ryan Allan.

Tell us a bit about the editing – James Gardner put the clip together right? How did that come about?
I’ve worked with James before on a Short Story we did for Relentless, I was thinking of someone who could edit it and he was the first person that came to mind. He’s really professional and has a good eye for editing and is fun to be around.

Did you have much of a say in the edit, or did you just trust James’ judgement?
We worked on it together. He put a rough edit together and then me and him sat down and went through it, and just messed with it until we were both happy.

Now that this part is finally wrapped up, what’s next for you then? You working on any more video parts, interviews or anything?
Yeah, I’m just going to keep filming and start working towards another part, maybe for Gravis…that would be rad. We also have a few cool projects coming up so keep an eye out for them.

Ben Nordberg - Backside noseblunt. Photo: ARTOFOTO

Is there another full length Flip video in the works? Or is that still a close guarded secret?
Not sure, I couldn’t possibly say.

Moving on, you’ve been living at Arto’s lately haven’t you? His pool seems to be getting quite a heavy old sessioning these days – what’s the most surreal session there that you’ve found yourself in the middle of?
Yeah there is always people coming through to skate his bowl because it’s so good. The best session I’ve seen is when I woke up one morning and walked outside and Cardiel was skating the bowl. It was amazing to see him skating.

Tell us a bit about the Gravis tour you just went on to Australia. Was that your first time there? How was it compared to what you were expecting? And was it a complete washout, or was that just what your Instagramming lead us to believe?
Yeah we just got back from an 11 day trip in Sydney. It was my first time there, I was so hyped to go because everyone I had talked to had told me such great things, but yeah it was a complete washout. We skated maybe 3 days out of the 11, I still had a great time, big thanks to Sparks for making it so fun.

Ben Nordberg - Switch backside disaster. Photo: Horse.

The last time you DJ’d in the van you were dropping everything from Slayer to Wacka Flocka Flame – what are your go to hype tunes at the moment? Are you still keeping it mosher?
Yeah, pretty much still mosh! A lot of Metallica, although I’ve developed a weird obsession with Lana Del Ray lately, I can’t figure out why but I really dig her music.

When are you next planning on being back in the UK then? Can we be expecting “The Hangover – Part 2” this year or are you hoping to be avoiding the British Isles for a while?
Yeah I’ll be back in the summer for a little bit, I have some stuff going on in Europe so I wont be in the UK too much, but when I am I’ll be sure to get drunk and attempt to skate the next day.

And lastly, how good is your ratio on Instagram? Better than Manhead’s?
(Laughs) He knows the answer to that.

Ben Nordberg - Three-sixty flip. Photo: Horse.
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