The Welsh (and Churchill) do the American NorthWest – blog part 4

Part four of Mr Loughran’s blog from his recent mission around the American NorthWest with Marc Churchill, Jake Collins, Beanhead and Lee Dainton is now online, with more from the assembled crew as they tackle a variety of ridiculous American concrete.

Have a scroll now to see what they’ve been up to, then check back tomorrow for part 5…

As we have been eating nothing but junk food we opted for the heathly treats - some fearsome melon for Marc.
A trip to Burnside is a must. With stories of locals chasing visiting skaters out, we went in slow...
...where we met up with Creature's own Al Partanan. Mega points if you know who this guy is on the right!
Then it was almost by chance we got to skate Windells Skatecamp - this place was epic, utter nuts.
As the sun dropped, Bryce Kanights turned up with his Lifeblood team and some lights and a geni.
Any good night must be ended the Portland way...Al's favouite bar.