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Sunday Service: Geoff Rowley

Sunday Service: Geoff Rowley

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Cast your eyes below for Geoff Rowley’s section from “720”, which includes plenty of super rare footage of a young Geoff, filmed in and around Liverpool circa 1992. Some of this particular section was rehashed for his part in “The Best Of Video Log” (1995), but there is quite a bit of it that hasn’t been seen elsewhere since. Get involved with some eighteen year old Sunday morning radness by clicking ‘play’ below now!

Geoff Rowley – Rollersnakes “720” (1992) >>

  1. Dan

    Nice to see Matt McMullan at the start. Thinking about you Matt.

  2. Brian Sumner

    Geoff was the hometown hero and probably fav skater of all time. Watched this part thousands of times. †


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