Sidewalk Magazine issue 197.

On the cover – Kris Vile, switch pop shuvit.

Haunts: Kyron McGrath-Davis – On your marks, get set, go! 2013 is Ky’s year. Delve into his head here.
The Lifeblood Crusades – F**k the jetlag; where’s the concrete, where’s the booze?
Distractions: Korahn Gayle – Read on and find out why Korahn gets his arms dead strong and that.
Weekenders: Brighton – One weekend and a bunch of Brighton bangers later…
Hometown: Steph Morgan – From SA to LDN, Steph invites you to his neck of the woods.
Working Class Hero: Jiri Bulin – Welcome to the Golden Arches. And a grimy double set.

PLUS – Swampy and Brownie GBA, Mark Stern, Luke McManus, Josh Young, Witness and more!

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