Sidewalk 184: Geoff Rowley and AVE in the UK – Extension part 1

Chris Johnson is on it as ever, coming correct with another three part extension made up of unused photos, lifestyle and behind the scenes style shots from Geoff Rowley and AVE’s late summer jaunt around the UK.

Have a browse below now, then head on back tomorrow for more of the same…

Geoff Rowley.
Anthony Van Engelen.
Greg Hunt.
Mackey and Geoff outside Lost Art - "European Skateshop of the Year 2011". Represent!
We headed down to New Bird for a warm up before checking out the Dock Road Banks.
Geoff shook off the jetlag.
Greg - logging footage within the first ten minutes.
We headed out to Edge Lane to see what was left of the old park...
A trip to the local hardware store later and we were in business.
How to hit this thing?
This bank was just as rough as the others.
As Geoff got used to the derelict tarmac, more and more scallies descended into the park. Five minutes later we had to call it when masses of tracksuits turned up.