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New Palace website and "N.W.A" trailer.

New Palace website and "N.W.A" trailer.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Lev and the boys at Palace have got themselves an all new t’interweb home, including (for the first time) a news feed (that could possibly be updated), products, a video archive and all the rest. Keep up to date with the world of Palace at

In addition to this, they’ve also dropped a teaser for the upcoming “Niggaz Wit Altitude” LA edit, featuring Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Karim Bahktaoui, an injured Rory Milanes and PWBC’s very own Stereo connect Benny Farifax. Give it a viewing underneath…

N.W.A TRAILER from PALACE on Vimeo.

  1. sound

    Bang tidy!

  2. kevin black

    palace are a bunch of cunts and the brand is utter shit just a bunch of tweakers that are good at skating made a wank brand colabing with wanky wanky companys like umbro id rather colab da kevin black thing you get me real time?

  3. Aint NWA

    It’s easy e man, before he joined NWA. Get yo fac’ right son.

  4. Aint NWA

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