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"There And Back Again" with Jason Lewer

"There And Back Again" with Jason Lewer

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

James Harris spent a day with Fabric Skateboards rider Jason Lewer around Bristol, following him on his day to day journey through the city in hope of showing the local spots in different light to that of the conventional skate video. “There And Back Again” is the result…

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  1. sam

    Fuck off jason lewer you absolute posing twat. get a bit of real originality and then come back you ankle swinging, side parting, serious fucking poser!

  2. Tom

    Why does anyones trousers have to be rolled up so high? !!! stop pretending to be Dylan Reider you fake asshole!

  3. tom wu

    exactly what i was thinking…should concentrate more on his skating rather than his gay-ass hipster appearance!

  4. Paul B

    really enjoyed that, great edit and great skating. its a good change from the more conventional skate video. top style top skating top job! sam and tom you both should go get girlfriends


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