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Dan Cates does Newquay Boardmasters 2011 - Part 1

Dan Cates does Newquay Boardmasters 2011 - Part 1

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

So last week saw the annual Boardmasters week take over Newquay in Cornwall, and, as ever Sir Daniel Cates and his trusty point n’ shoot were on hand to blog all the sun-soaked/booze fueled antics.

Check part one of his blog below and check back tomorrow for part two…

Sean Goff skateboarding photo
Sean Goff vs a rogue sarnie.
Andy Scott skateboarding photo
Andy Scott and Wingy are "The Management".
Nicky Howells skateboarding photo
Nicky Howells is from Swansea and clearly has the best knuckles.
Sam Bruce - Beach Babe?
Leo Sharp skateboarding photo
Never upset a giant with a camera, especially when he's Sidewalk's finest. Leo Sharp MBE.
An esteemed panel of judges.
Marc Churchill skateboarding photo
Marc Church-hell.
All Terrain Trev and Lois.
Rob Smith skateboarding photo
'The Smith'!!!
Ben Nordberg skatebording photo
That one guy from Flip. You know...whatsisname? Ben Nordberg, that's it.
Mob deep. 'The Smith', Yours Truely, Snadzzz and Nicky.
Recognise this? 'All Terrain' scopes out Jamie Thomas' Sidewalk cover.
Lally, AKA The Human Parasite, with 'The Smith'.

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