Belfast Bridges Skatepark Gallery from Craig Dodds

For the past month or so, Belfast photographer Craig Dodds has been sending us regular emails with photos shot at the recently opened Bridges Skatepark in the city, so instead of having these photos sat indefinitely in our inboxes, we decided to give him his own gallery!

Have a scroll below to witness the likes of Marc Beggan, Denis Lynn, Paddy MacGuire, Conhuir Lynn and Jonny killing Northern Irelands first concrete park.

Denis Lynn - Kickflip tailgrab
Denis Lynn - Backside ollie
Marc Beggan - Nosegrind

Conhuir Lynn - Frontside flip
Jonny - Hurricane
Denis Lynn - Backside smith
Paddy Maguire - Melon
Denis Lynn - Backside noseblunt

Marc Beggan - Melon
Denis Lynn - Nollie bigspin
Conhuir Lynn - Tre flip