Back to Barca…

Whilst the UK is expected to find itself under snow again come the weekend, a crew of us landed back in Barcelona last night for a week of pre-Xmas filming, so if updates on the site are a little slow, you know why.

There’ll no doubt be snapshots and blog footage regularly appearing during our stay, probably featuring this lot…

Exeter is on board - Barney Page and Barber fighting over chicken n' squids.
Christopher Jones and Thomas Henry Harrison...
Recently turned pro-head.
Nicky "The Hammerhouse" Tyler Howells holding it down for Tha Heartbreakers.
Ben "Geez" Raemers and Haribo Lentills.
Kev Parrott (not Silent Will) is flying in tonight to double up on filming duties.
And Chris Johnson is already here to shoot the hell out of it.

We’ll be meeting up with…

Liam Sproat is mental >>

Wakefield power-midget turned Catalan resident, Liam Sproat.

Unabomber's low-key technical badman Scott Whittaker.
I don't think anyone's managed to make contact yet, but fingers crossed Sean Smith puts in an appearance along the way too.

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