Shehzad Jaffer ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 202

From Sidewalk 202 – July 2013


Photography by Chris Johnson


I wouldn’t say Shaz is the brightest crayon in the box but what he lacks in common sense he definitely makes up for on his board. He is one of my favourite skateboarders to watch as his skating is pretty effortless, and I’m stoked he’s finally left the comfort of his beloved Vicky Park to unleash his unexpected talent on the streets.
Mike Simons

Shaz told me he skated into a girl and knocked her over on high street this week and left her on the floor. Nice.
Callun Loomes 

He makes skating and being out in town so much fun. He’s a one of a kind.
Shumba Taylor

I’ve known Shaz since he was about 14 years old. He was the kid that turned up at the skate- park hours before anyone else with a packed lunch and a bottle of water and then he’d be set for a long day. I’ve witnessed him take some brutal slams whilst trying to get tricks but it’s not often he snaps and goes wild like most people would. He’s just one of those guys you can’t help but like. He’s got a unique, super good style and he’s one of the happiest people that I’ve met. His approach to everything is so casual.
Christopher Williamson 



Known to most people simply as ‘Shaz’, what’s your full name, how old are you and where you from?

– My name is Shehzad Jaffer, I’m 19 and I’m from Leicester.

Before coming out filming for What’s Cookin’? you used to live at the local training ground, Vicky Park. Have you completely abandoned it now?
– I still love that place but in the winter it’s completely flooded! I still go for a chill or if I’m injured but I enjoy going to different cities and skating new spots with everyone these days. I’m still Vicky Park for life!

When we’re out filming, you seem to be more successful at racking up the clips when it’s just you and me. Do you hate everyone else being there?
– I don’t know. It just seems to be how it goes most of the time. I don’t get put off or anything with other people around, so I guess it’s just how it works out. When everyone’s out I like to chill out a bit more and watch what they’re doing and feed off that.

Is it true you can’t skate regular, only switch?
– Nah, I just find rolling away switch so much easier, especially down stairs for some reason.

What are you studying at college? Half the time it sounds like you just draw pictures of dragons and eat Maryland all day.
– I’m on a fine art course, which by the time this comes out, I’ll probably be kicked off of. I mainly do life drawing so just staring at naked people.

If you had to choose three people to go skate with now who would they
– John Bell, Luke Kindon and Shumba Taylor.

What’s the hardest trick you’ve tried to film?
– Definitely the 360 flip down Kettering nine (see Shaz’s ‘G Sides’ edit for the arduous battle). It shouldn’t even be difficult but I just can’t seem to roll away and I don’t understand why. I’ve been there five times, each time for about three hours. I landed on it more times than I can remember and now it’s just haunting me. I go through stages where I get lucky then just have a month where I can’t do anything I try, and then go through the frustrating times. Everyone does I guess.

Do you get any support as far as product and sponsorship?
– Kennelly and Louis sort me Ravenous boards through Slugger, which I’m stoked on.

Are you able to go into town on a night out without throwing up at the end
of it?
– Yeah I can, but what’s the point? That just means you’ve had a quiet night. Might as well go all out if you’re gonna go out!

Who’s got your favourite part in the Get Lesta vid?
– Joe Marks. He goes fast and does solid tricks. Easily the part I’ve watched the most. Everyone else kills it though.

After your first part coming out late last year, are you working on another part this year?
– Yeah, but don’t expect it anytime soon! I’ve seen Kris’ (Vile) footage from the past month and he’s already filmed a whole section pretty much, so watch out for that. I’ll be on a mission when the weather gets better for sure.

Finally, who would you like to thank?
– Callun and the Get Lesta crew, CJ and everyone at Sidewalk, Louis and Kennelly, Maryland, the babe magnet, all the generators, Beaver, Basi, Clark Diamond, Dab Shaw, Shumba, Dave at the Board room Tim and everyone at Ledge.


Shaz fakie tre flips down some horrible Loughborough stairs whilst 16 bog rolls are carried up them. Photo: CJ 


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