Ryan Rebotis ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 210

From Sidewalk 210 – March 2014



For a short-arsed Scouser, Rebo has enormous pop and one of the breeziest styles I’ve seen. He has genuine respect for skateboarding and all of his mates. Keep an ear out for his loud Scouse war cries when his passion for landing a trick is tested. – Jolly Danny Holmes



Why do you still use Yahoo, is it an American thing, or is it some sort of sick joke?
– (Laughs), must be an American thing, I’ve had it for years. Or maybe it is a sick joke…

You were born in Liverpool but moved to Las Vegas for a good portion
of your teens, before making the return to Merseyside. What things do you miss about Vegas and how does it compare to Liverpool?
– I miss my friends and some of the amazing food places. I definitely prefer the weather over here though; it got way too hot in the summer in Vegas. I miss the spots as well – we always had somewhere to skate and it was hard to find
a sketchy spot, everything is perfect. I wouldn’t go back to live there again though, it’s a lot different compared to Liverpool; I think it’s too fast paced.

Did you see many celebrities in Sin City, skateboard or otherwise? Please tell me you helped Ragdoll try and steal that guitar signed by The Who.
– (Laughing), unfortunately no, but I did meet Flavor Flav in the airport once, that was amazing. First pro I met out there was Rowley, so of course I was hyped, being from Liverpool.

What was it that made you go to America a boy, but come back a full on man, was there a hormone overload in the water?
– (Laughs), we’ll never know, I always thought it was the Greek in my family.

You joined ripper Laurie Colley on Would skateboards recently, how
did that come about and why can nobody in Liverpool pronounce his name?
– I was out skating in town and met up with Laurie and Steve from Would – we were out most of the day skating and a few weeks later we had talked and he sent me a package. I’ve been riding Would for a few months now and love the shape. I don’t understand why nobody can pronounce his name either: Laurie rips.

You shared a dope part with PUMF member Hilly in Kendrick’s’ psych- beast ‘Shads’, how was it filming for this and are you working on any future projects?
– I didn’t even know I was going to be sharing a part until about a month before it dropped. Hyped on how it came out, big thanks to Hilly and Kendrick for that one! I’ve been filming with my good friend Raim for a while now, going to make a little welcome clip for Would if all goes to plan.

You can also be found in Manchester fairly often, aside from the dope scene what is it that attracts you to go there?
– Manchester is rad – the skate scene is really good. The spots and the parks have got to be why I venture over there quite a lot. Also the cafe that sells cinnamon buns, they need one in Liverpool.

You attended the Lost Art trip to Barca about this time last year: do you have any good memories from that?
– That was the first skate trip I’ve been on and I wish we were going again tomorrow! There is nothing better than skating all day and doing the same the next day, plus, we were in Barcelona, so it couldn’t get any better. So many laughs and good times, looking forward to the next one!

Have you any future trips in the pipeline that you’re hyped for?
– We’ve been talking about a little trip to Paris or Madrid with the Would guys, fingers crossed on that one. You also never know what Mackey has planned!

You’re bordering on being one of the permanent aspects of Orford park, aside from having the best trannie to kickflip down, what other things lure you to this cheeky spot?
– (Laughing) I definitely spend 4 out of 7 days at Orford. I work lates so I have the morning and daytime off, so I always go for a cruise as it’s only 15 minutes from my house. It’s got everything I like to skate there, ledges, banks, hips, and can’t forget the rainbow rail.

Who have you been skating with recently and where have you been hitting up?
– It’s usually Raim, Hilly, Jolly Danny, Laurie, myself, and a few others. When we can avoid the rain we’re usually lurking around town looking for new spots or different ways to skate things. We always get together for rainy day indoor skatepark sessions.

Have you and Hilly been rocking the similar leather jacket rock star steeze recently? Makes you look like a dope duo of a gang!
– (Laughing), that day was definitely not planned, we make sure to check now.

What is your technique for usingban ankle support to nurse a heel bruise?
– Sometimes you have no other choice, I basically wrapped it round my ankle and folded it down so all the padding was under my heel, feels weird but worked a little bit until the pain became too much. There’s nothing worse than a bad heel bruise.

Who got da props?
– Boss man Mackey and everyone at Lost Art, Leo Sharp, DC shoes, Steve from Would Skateboards, Sidewalk Mag, Hilly, Raim, Mike Ocampo, and my girlfriend Beki.

Big Poppa (who’s that in the bog?). Photo-Leo.


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