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Rauiri Jones ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 210

From Sidewalk 210 – March 2014

Photography by Ash
Interview conducted by Guy Jones and Luke Fletcher 


Rauiuauaiuaiuauuiauairi Jones is an enigma within another enigma. He is the shining light that brightens even the darkest corners of the Liverpool skateboarding scene. Rauiri has lived a thousand lifetimes in his 17 short years on this planet and he utilises this experience in order to “get radical” on his shred stick in ways many didn’t believe were humanly possible. Rauiri Jones is the future.
He also looks like a baby with a moustache. – Luke Fletcher

I used to like Rauiri, but he lurks in the shop too much now.
– Marc (Mind Mountain) Glaysher

Marc used to like Rauiri, but he lurks so hard he’s about to take his job.
– Robbi Ethrington 


So Dank Nug, what are your views on the current crisis in Syria?
– Luke told me there was a war, but I still don’t have a f*cking clue. I feel bad for the little fellas though, from what I’ve heard.

You’ve chilled out from the heavy partying and became vegetarian. Are you going for an Ed Templeton vibe of being a chubby non-meat eater now?
– I realised I couldn’t see my dick, and thought I might as well: it definitely wasn’t the meat that made me fat though – it was the beer. I’m not arsed though, I’ll eat my jacket potato under a big f*ck off chicken: eat pussy, not cow. Morrissey is a gimp

All in all spending a maximum of £10 in your lifetime, how do you survive spending so little?
– I’ll only spend it on stupid shit like biffs. I just get loads of shit off Rob and Mack, and I weirdly steal my bird’s clothes.

You seem to be the manager of your own unofficial swap shop. How do you acquire these items and what dank items have you received in the past?
– I got two bin bags full of shit off Tom last year, and recently I got some shoes for a fiver off Mack ‘cause I was skint. I also buy stuff then don’t like it when I get home.

How long have you and Fergie been best mates and why don’t you sit next to each other on the bus?
– (A$AP) Fergy spends too much time on the hypebeast websites listening to that gimp Yung Lean. We both just listen to music and pretend we don’t know each other (laughing). Nah, he’s alright…

What is the oldest thing that you’ve got your fingers inside in the Krazy house?
– Is that another Ed Templeton reference? I once went wild with a 74 year old when I was 13; she was crazy.

Did you have a moustache when you left the womb? Is it a wombstache?
– It took me 17 years to grow this baby, and it ain’t going nowhere. These answers are pretty short, I feel like I’m back at my Urban Outfitters interview.

Is that where you would’ve got the job now if you had answered using more than one word? It would’ve been sick to see you gothing out on their shop floor.
– F*ck that, I would’ve left by now, I also had to blag that I liked some shit fashion brands. They were the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

Do you find that looking 45 years old comes as a benefit or a hindrance to your day-to-day life?
– I was hyped for like a day or two when I was told, but I’m pretty sure people are just thinking I look grimy as f*ck, which is quite shit.

What do you think of Kynno being kicked off the Lost Art team before he was even put on?
– (Laughing), he was asking for it, he smokes way too much weed and he forgets that he does the same line at every spot, MESSIN. Will Kynaston is the best. He loves the money-throwing hand gesture.

Will got put back on with yourself and Joe McCombe adding to the Lost Art roster, how has this newly found glory affected your life?
– I knew for a long time that Will and Joe were going to be on. When we got asked to come into the “back back” we were told, I didn’t have a clue. I was mega hyped. F*ck with Lost Art. Not hyped on you moving also can I add. I am on the verge of failing college because I lurk too much in the shop.

You’ve been editing your own trippy mayne videos for a while now. Which videos/video makers do you see as an influence or inspiration to make such NICE vids?
– I’m hyped on the FancyLAD edits, they’re funny as f*ck. Justnipples tumblr comes to mind as well.

Wrap this up like a falafel beast!
– Shout out to that motherf*cker behind the till of Little Beirut. Scottish Sam Smith has a massive dick. F*ck you Guy for leaving Liverpool. Tom Wright loves balls. Fergy thought Mexican was a religion. Will doesn’t even smoke as much weed as me. NICE NICE NICE NICE NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE Jah bless ya Nan.

As tight as a Krazy House situation. Kickflip fakie. Photo: Ash


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