Rasheed Osman ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 209

From Sidewalk 209 – February 2014

While pulling off the image of a young Sean Sheffey, Rasheed is slowly but surely charging his way around the Midlands scene. Not one to take the conventional trick route, he can be found pulling a hippy jump down a double set, then later seen performing a perfect hardflip down a large 3 block.
The kid just wants to skate and skate well.
He’s not taken in by the latest ‘fads’ skateboarding has to offer and almost seems oblivious them. The naivety is quite refreshing and it’s great to see someone who is just down to skate!
Big up you tie dye lunatic!
– James Brewer

Well, what can I say about Rasheed? I’ve been shooting photos with him for a few years now, travelling around the West Midlands forcing him to listen to Gangster Rap at full volume. Any session involving him and Telford superstar, Nick Binnington, is sure to go off. ‘Sheed throws himself around like a mental patient yet with a perfectly calm and calculated style.
He’s the kind of guy to travel an hour just because you tell him you’ve got a rad idea for a photo. It’s always great to see someone progress from a small town like Shrewsbury towards mainstream, he’ll go far if he sticks at it and keeps thatmindset, that’s for sure. Oh and Dan Jordan, give him a new tie-dye t-shirt before that one disintegrates onto his skin! Keep killing it Rasheed!
– Rich Boye

Seeing Rasheed in full stuntman mode is certainly impressive! He loves nothing more than to hurtle flat out towards a gap or massive set of stairs. Sometimes he will step to something so crazy I’ll have to look away whilst he’s trying it. He takes the heaviest slams and bounces up with a smile laughing his head off.
Maybe he’s wearing a helmet under all that Sideshow Bob hair? Who knows?!
Claire Alleaume (with input from Rich, Conrad and Jaimie) Rasheed is a beast.
He’s that guy who you can shout ridiculous trick suggestions at as he’s riding up to the spot and he’ll just try them there and then. Within a week of having our new concrete ramp built in Shrewsbury, he was doing nosepicks off the extension that no one had even dared drop into yet. Rasheed is also a true character. I’ve heard stories of him turning up on a skate trip with a flask of gravy, filming a whole part in a truly disgusting t-shirts which accounted to “basically wearing a towel”, and witnessing a dwarf singing Metallica with his homie Conrad.
Rasheed’s a true all-rounder like only the best can be, and he doesn’t give a fuck if a 360 boneless down sets aren’t the in trick this season, he’ll do that shit anyway in between a bunch of gnarly flip tricks and bring a refreshing touch to any session. I’m stoked he’s getting introduced to the world with a First Light and I’m sure everyone will soon know how rad he is if they don’t already. Keep shredding mate! And bring us a sandwich with your next packed lunch would you?
– Tom Gillespie

Sheffey like ollie. Photo-CJ