Paul-Luc Ronchetti Interview and brand new section

"It makes it all the more motivating when someone else is going for something too, especially if it’s the Birdman."

The Paul-Luc Ronchetti Interview

Over the course of 2017, Norwich raised Cali resident and vert skater Paul-Luc Ronchetti was on a mission to film a section around the US West Coast with Brent Hayden. We decided to hit up Paul-Luc to see what he’s been up to, what it’s like skating with the Birdman and what tricks in the part he was most stoked on and he came through with a selection of photos to back up the video and text. Press play below, enjoy some heavy vertical (and otherwise) sessions then scroll down for further visual stimulus to get you to pad up and head for your nearest adult swingset!

How long did the part take to film – from first trick logged to final version of the section exported?

About 95% of the footage was filmed in 2017, so roughly a year. There are some odd clips here and there that date back a few years however.

What one clip are you the most stoked on, and why?

I’m probably most stoked on the Varial Flip Indy Nosebonk on the extension at the DC ramp. I’m really not sure why but that one took a good couple of weeks on and off to get. It was in the summer and that warehouse is like a sauna when it’s hot, so the sessions were extra exhausting. I just remember it being so hard to get the “bonk” – I was relieved when I finally hit the coping and rolled away. Brent Hyden filmed the clip but I have to give props to my buddy Ryan Hass, who stuck out loads of attempts behind the lens prior to the make.

Were there any setbacks along the way? Also, was there anything you tried to film for the section but didn’t manage to get for whatever reason?

There weren’t any crazy setbacks or anything but I did go on a two month demo tour of the Midwest USA, which put me out of my usual filming zone. Luckily I was able to hit up a couple of vert ramps, some sick spots and had a tight crew with me who were always down to break out of the hotel after the demos to find skateparks and spots (thanks Alex Landeros, Matt Ballard, Peter Furnee, Noah Schuler and Bobby Male who were able to meet up to film along the way).

I feel like there’s always something more I can add but in this case I was happy to leave it be before I start to overthink things.

Over-vert truck tickler whilst avoiding a board dunking. Photo: Alex Landeros

Tell us a behind the scenes style story from the filming of your part – were there any ‘off camera’ comedy/sketchy moments you’d like to share with us?

I managed to eat shit before even starting to film at one of the more crusty spots. We were cruising over to it when my wheel hit the slightest crack and I think the weight of my backpack threw me over the edge. I ended up gouging a bloody hole in my hand, so that was fun. It was like one of those “Kook of the day” slams haha.

How long have you known Brent, and how was it working with him on this section?

I’ve known Brent for a couple of years now and have filmed some stuff for the Ride Channel with him before. He is so easy going and is always down to film, I was stoked when he said he’d help me with a part because I know how busy he is. He’s constantly out filming and juggling multiple projects, including his latest full-length masterpiece “Skate Juice” Vol. 2, filmed entirely on VX. The dude works hard and has a unique, refreshing approach to skateboard videography.

Very tweaked fish under threatening skies… Photo: K.C. Alfred

I know you’re fairly into music too, did you or Brent choose the music for this part?

Definitely, music always hypes me up and I love the way it intertwines with skateboarding. I heard the track a while ago and thought it would be cool for a part. I’m also a big fan of vintage synthesizers so a bit of 70’s synth pop felt right.

Did any videos, or certain people’s footage in particular, get you amped to try some of the stuff you did in this one?

There’s been a surge of fairly recent vert / transition parts that got me inspired for sure – Sam Beckett had an absolute banger in the Blind “IOU” video, Bucky Lasek and Elliot Sloan came out with amazing parts last year, and Jimmy Wilkins’ section in the new Creature video was off the charts.

I honestly don’t even think mine is on the same level but I’ve never had a full part before so was stoked on the chance, and Brent did a smashing job in throwing it together. There are also a few clips in there from Tyler Wilcox, who is a regular behind the lens at the sessions too. It’s cool to see those guys work together with their different filming styles and approach.

Backside blunt on a rad looking in progress DIY build. Photo: Alex Landeros
Channeling Mike Frazier with a slob fastplant at DC’s big bastard of a ramp. Photo: Scott Taylor

“It makes it all the more motivating when someone else is going for something too, especially if it’s the Birdman”

Did Tony Hawk join you for any of the sessions filming at his ramp for this section?

I think he may have once or twice? It’s rare to catch Tony at a session but he’s oftentimes filming tricks himself when that happens. It makes it all the more motivating when someone else is going for something too, especially if it’s the Birdman.

 Jimmy Wilkins has a cameo in your part, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen him put down in person?

Too many ridiculous moments to count. From his winning contest runs that look freakishly effortless to simply just warming up, everything JW does looks so, so good. A personal favourite would be his ollie one foot 360’s. Thanks for the contribution Jimmy!

 To finish up, a classic headscratcher – backyard vert or backyard pool?

Backyard vert all the way! Unless its Bucky’s monster of a backyard pool (R.I.P.). That thing was heaps of fun.

Cheers Sidewalk!

Madonna tail smack on drool-inducing pool coping. Photo: Brent Hyden
Crail air with bonus front foot steez! Photo: Peter Ronchetti
Finishing up with classic indy nosebone shapes. Photo: Alex Landeros
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