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Korahn Gayle Footage Feast

Cover image by Chris Johnson

Korahn Gayle has been tearing up the streets of Bristol and beyond for a long time now, gracing the pages of this mag numerous times with his quick footed, stylish approach to skateboarding and willingness to throw himself down a heavy gap or two – the latter of which has led to him claiming more than one NBD down the venerable Lloyds Three.

With his recent Instagram output seeing him and Mike Arnold pretty much poised to claim the internet in the name of The Skateboard Cafe, alongside a pair of hyperactive legs which have offered us an intimidatingly large body of footage, it was only a matter of time before Korahn was the recipient of a Footage Feast. Safe bets give it two years before he has enough new sections under his belt for round two…


Bristol in Bloom (2004)

Starting off way back when, here’s Korahn’s section in Louis Gaines’ Bristol scene video ‘Bristol In Bloom’. Even at a young age his style is most definitely in evidence, as is an enjoyment of hurling himself off of things, which he does with gusto and to Bob Marley here. “We’re slamming, we’re slamming, I hope you like slamming too…”

East Skateboards – Vapours (2006)

Fast forward a couple of years to the classic East Skateboards video ‘Vapours’ and a slightly bigger Korahn comes through a much bigger bag of tricks. The opening lengthy running seguing into comedy intro has some banging one footed roll aways amongst the slams and boards lost to water – something him and Mike Wright were kings of at around this time. When KC and the Sunshine Band kick in, you know its on…

There was even enough leftover footage for the Pharcyde-themed section you see below, ooohhhhhh shit!

Puzzle Magazine – September/October 2008

Korahn brings the Bristolian flavour to Puzzle’s September/October 2008 issue, which kicks off with an absolute Lloyds onslaught – switch back three down anyone?


Crayon Skateboards – Dragon Eye (2008)

The Crayon Skateboards ten year retrospective ‘Dragon’s Eye’ sees the tag team of Korahn Gayle and Nicky Howell laying the smackdown on a variety of grimy spots around the South West and South Wales as well as some shinier Euro-spots, with Lloyds being singled out for a particularly severe beatdown!

Bristol’s Finest (2009)

The hippy jump 360 body varial which opens this one is nothing short of gymnastic! Korahn closes Bristol scene video ‘Bristol’s Finest’ in style…

Now That’s What I Call Skateboarding (2012)

What can be said about Christian ‘Pirate Man’ Hart’s epic NOW! That’s What I Call Skateboarding? Hilarious and full of rad skating, if you haven’t seen it then don’t blow it, hit the title above to watch in full. Korahn’s football themed section sees Dean Lane get merked, rock fakie headers ticked off the NBD list and Dan Wileman and Chris Jones cameos amongst others to top it off. Pirate Man, we salute you!

Crayon Skateboards Section (2012)

Back to reality with this advert for Crayon Skateboards – at least reality for those who can do switch backside heels over road gaps, or film an entire section and call it an ‘advert’. Plenty of unexpected tricks, some earning pound coins from passing lurkers, as well as a glimpse of Korahn’s slept on transition talents with a front blunt at Playing Place.

Skateboard Cafe Promo (2012)

Before joining the Skateboard Cafe Korahn could still be found as a part of their 2012 promo, with a short friends section which can be found at 11:12 on the timeline; killer beats and expected levels of street smoothness being the order of the day here!


Fifty Fifty Web Ad (2012)

Another web ad, this time for Bristol’s long serving Fifty Fifty Skateshop, sees more of a focus on flowing through the streets in a lesson in laid back style – laid back until the pull of Lloyds Three gets too strong, and even then he looks pretty goddamn comfortable hucking himself down them via a nollie backside heelflip…

Fifty Fifty – Summer 2013 Promo

Stairs, handrails, ledges, tree stumps…its all in here, a summer 2013 Fifty Fifty promo filmed and edited by George Nevin, with any number of Bristol spots getting hit.

Skateboard Cafe – VX Section (2015)

With Skateboard Cafe gearing up for their full length video Alfresco, Korahn’s footage was piling up so we got an early treat in the form of a VX clearout featuring plenty of switch madness, no complies down stairs and a proper mind-melter of a hippy jump variation towards the end!


Skateboard Cafe – Alfresco (2015)

Exactly 20 minutes into Skateboard Cafe’s killer video Alfresco you’ll find Korahn, hyped up and closing the visual proceedings with a big Santa-sized sack of hammers (the video premiered over Christmas, so that was almost a coherent statement and not just rambling). Heavy night footage, pissed up backside flips down stairs which you can read about in Reece Leung’s most recent Photographer’s Stories and flip tricks delivered down spot’s chimneys (less coherent) with outright ninja steez.


The Green Zine – Insta-remix (2015)

A classic MF Doom beat perfectly compliments this compilation of Korahn’s insta-madness, shredding and pigeon bothering courtesy of The Green Zine.

Bones Wheels – RAW Footage (2016)

Korahn hits the streets, backed up by 80s US infomercials obviously!

Bonus Round – Korahnyay West

What better way to finish than with this clip found lurking on one of our hard drives a good few years back – bars get spat and stair sets get shook…


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