How to 360 Flip | Sidewalk Basics

Step up your flip tricks with everybody's favourite - learn how to tres flip with this video and step-by-step instructions.

This is probably the most popular flip trick in all of skateboarding and not without good reason.

Freestyle pioneer Rodney Mullen first invented the 360 flip in the mid 80’s (or ‘360 shove-it kickflip’ as it was originally known) but it didn’t become a popular street trick until the early 90’s when Jason Lee (long before he was a famous actor) perfected the technique on the larger, heavier boards used on street.

Since then the 360 flip, or ‘tres flip’ as it’s often called today, has been one of the most popular tricks in skateboarding on all terrain. The technique for this trick combines the scoop of the shove-it with the flick of the kickflip, but doesn’t really involve much of the back foot ‘pop of an ollie.

Success with the 360 flip is also reliant on getting the correct foot placement, there’s not quick answer to this though, just experiment until you find the placement that works for you.

Roll at a comfortable speed on a flat smooth surface. Your back foot should be on the toe-edge with your toes hanging over slightly, this helps with the scoop. Your front foot should be angled as with a kickflip but a little further down your board.

Crouch and compress ready to scoop and flick.

Visualise what’s about to happen.

Begin to lift upwards and visualise scraping and scooping your tail from the toe-edge first and flipping out with your front foot.

Remember, you are not ‘popping’ here, the 360 flip requires you to scrape and scoop the toe-edge of your board against the ground and then immediately flick out with your front foot.

As soon as your tail hits the ground, flick your front foot up and off the side of the toe-edge.

At this point your board should have turned through 180 degrees and started to flip. Keep above your board and give it time to turn. The motion involved with the 360 flip almost makes you do a scissor kick in the air; this helps you keep out of the way of the board as it spins and flips. Keep your eyes on the board and wait for the griptape to reappear.

As the board completes the 360 spin and flip, catch the board with your front foot first. Replace your back foot as soon as you can after catching it with your front foot. Try to avoid exaggerating the crazy front foot catch because it looks terrible. Keep the board level in the air.

Bring your board back to the floor and land with all four wheels down at once.

Try to get your feet evenly spaced as you land and keep your weight central.

Bend your knees to absorb the impact and balance yourself with your arms.

Ride away stoked.

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