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Last Orders: Kev McKeon

We finally resolved our server issue, so Kevs ‘Last Orders’ has been moved over to it’s proper home.

Have a scroll to the bottom of the page for a short section with Kev from Gyppo-Filmer Brookes!


Drink you ordered: 3 bottles of vodka, a bottle of aftershock, 3 crates of Stella and 2 crates of Heineken, 4 pack of Leffe and 2 flavoured beers. Pretty good order! What do you reckon?

Person you spoke to: My dad last night, “why are you taking so long in the shower!?” I felt my response to that query was amusing, but I am not too sure if I should write it here.

Meal you ate: I had some pizza at my friend Ann Marie’s house last night, it was a bit spicy, but still good. I did end up giving half of what I was given to the dog though. I have just put some nutritious bread into the toaster for my breakfast now. I am looking forward to it.

Trick you filmed: I think it was a switch roll in into Livi pool, but I’m not sure. Oh wait, I did film myself jumping into a vert wall at Central skatepark in my sleeping back with Grot, although I’m not sure if that counts as being a trick or not. I’ll let you decide.

Photo you shot: I believe I ended up getting tagged with it on Facebook, but the last skate photo was maybe again the switch roll in. Come on now, who doesn’t go out skating these days with a team of both a photographer and filmer at your assistance? I certainly do not! As if my last photo and trick filmed were going to be of two different tricks! I wish to climb up the hierarchal ladder of sponsored skaters! That’s something you definitely cannot get caught slipping on!

Country you visited: Finsbury Park. No wait, Scotland.

Thing you skated in your hometown: Cantelowes. It had to be.

Skate event you travelled to: Nueu ‘Ride With Us’ tour to Scotland, I had to sit next to Rapey Dave (Wallace) in the back of Phil’s van for the whole trip!

Trick you learnt: Noseblunts over spines. I felt a euphoric feeling in my legs after doing that one.

Trick you lost: I am not too sure. The consistency of some of my tricks decrease due to the conditions at that certain moment (e.g. falling on my head on the previous attempt) as well as what happened in the not too distant past (drinking and doing other things the night before) I would say frontside blunts come and go fairly regularly for me, but I could just blame it on the new wheels I had just put on due to the increased amount of speed I was getting and was not used to.

Book you read: ‘Contes Français’. The description reads “Ten short stories by Voltaire, Candide, Balzac, Gide, Camus and others in the original French and a new English translation.” However, I quickly swapped it for a Zoo magazine when given the chance. Zoo seems to end up being a common piece of literacy development in most tour buses whilst surrounded by males. But I have observed that most people only end up staring at the breasts, whilst few read the articles. Therefore it isn’t really “literacy development”, nor a “book”.

Time you were outraged: Whilst eating my pizza last night, the dog jumped up and stole a piece of pepperoni from my slice, that got me slightly peeved.

Piece of advice you received: “Av it.” simple and basic, yet the point is clear.

Song you sang along to: Manny Fresh’s “Real Big”. Check it out on YouTube, it is quite comical, especially if you find stereotypical American culture amusing.

Film you watched and enjoyed: ‘Adulthood.’ Even more so because the majority of it was filmed in the Ladbroke grove area which is home to both Baysixty6 and Meanwhile Gardens’ skatepark.

Film you watched and hated: I watched “I Am Legend” featuring Will Smith a while back, that movie seemed to be going nowhere with a plot. Although I would like to point out that both Matrix reloaded is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: I can’t remember exactly but I think it was Sight Unseen, as I’m supposed to be flogging it to Sideshow Bob for a fiver, but haven’t managed to get a hold of him lately. If anyone wants to up the price to a tenner, give me a shout!

Website visited: I had to do it!

Thing you downloaded: It’s been a while, but I really need to find a good site so that I can download Photoshop.

Clip watched on YouTube: Well, I use YouTube to listen to music, at this present moment, it’s RJD2’s Ghostwriter, but I’m going to put on Dead Prez’s “Hell Yeah” next, the extended version.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Benson did a pisstake Stalefish at Livi the other day from the halfpipe into a bank. But I would have to say Cantelowes’ Portuguese local Borat’s attempts with editing a photo of himself on Microsoft Paint to try and make himself look as gangster as possible were impressive.

Trick you did with no shoes on: Something which took out Gorgeous Dave in a game of S.K.A.T.E. whilst he was wearing shoes. Who’s the tech champ? I’m coming from Rapey Dave next, I’ll probably smash him at it!

Floor you slept on: On the upstairs part of Central skatepark near to the pool table.

Memorable thing that Sweeney said: “Kev, can you take my bag of shoes back to yours for me?” I bet I looked quite amusing to passengers on the tube coming back from the ride with us tour with a great big massive black bin bag with holes in it and about 4 pairs of shoes amongst other possessions.

Memorable thing Porno did: Being in the right place at the right time with a megaphone whilst also in the presence of a thick Skinhead in a Stone Island top. Also, if he did do it, the initiation of egging the blokes from Hereford who had left the ‘Ride With Us’ trip a day early.

Time you said “never again”: Last time smoking a cigarette. I’m seeing how long I can quit for. I’ve done 46 hours so far! Although the Marlboros on my table do look quite enticing!

Item of importance that you lost: My Cannabis medallion I bought in Prague from a rogue street trader, although Ollie Tyreman said that it’s at his place. I’m still sad though as I don’t have it available to wear on the regular. I cannot find my mobile phone charger either, that item is relatively important.

Time you feared for your life: Not too sure, Every time I go on a trip with Aaron and/or Marcus something really gnarly always seems to happen. But I’m still alive!

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