Behind The Cover - April 2011: Joe Gavin

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Behind The Cover – April 2011: Joe Gavin

Manchester’s resident The Harmony pro and all round hammerer of raw street, Mr Joe Gavin, ended up gracing the cover of April’s mag with a ridiculous switch 5-0, shot in deepest, darkest Manchester by Joel Peck.

Ninja Fingers divulges below…

Back in April you reminded everyone that you got some serious pop and you can propel yourself equally well when it come to skating switch. Did you know this was going to be a cover and when/how did you first see it?
Well it was at the end a proper shit day “trying to get East” which basically means looking for rugged spots to do a trick similar to what you would see in a Static video. While we were searching endless backstreets looking for pole jams and two step ledges we came across the ‘lecky box’.  On the make I actually shouted “haaaarrrrduuuuken” on some Street Fighter shit and remember being more stoked on that one being the make. Since then I’ve tried other Street Fighter noises in desperate times but never felt the magic.
Then a few months later I went on a trip to Northampton to stay at Joel Peck’s (the guy who shot the photo) house, I woke up to The Harmony overlord Adam Mondon phoning me to tell me about the cover. So I ran into Joel’s bedroom like a little brat on Christmas Day and started getting hyped! Joel was hyped too and I think we even had a little celebration dance of some sort.

You shot this while filming for Pusherman right? Who else was with you that day and what else went down?
It was me, Sean Lomax, Joel Peck, Tom Day and Ferg. Like I say, that was one of them days where you just get lucky, so many spots that didn’t work. I remember being a bit wounded about Sean’s angle! Haha. That was when he was bringing his VX just to record the sound of the trick and HD for the image…way too dedicated! I still want to do it in a line…

Having had a solid amount of coverage across all medias for as long as anyone can remember, do you still get stoked on something like this? And how does it feel to be the one to get Joel Peck his first cover photo?
Of course, I danced around Joel’s family home haha. There’s almost nothing better than seeing yourself on the front cover of a magazine. Just telling my Mum and Dad gets me stoked. Or demanding that my sister stops what she’s doing and immediately goes to the shop to see that shit! I guess it feels pretty cool that in this day an age of 20 stair flip back lips that a ledge trick can still get people hyped. I was proper stoked for Joel too. You can kind of tell when a photographer gets excited about a trick or photo. Running around changing flashes and even letting off the odd “Yes” on good attempts which, in turn, gets you pumped to land the trick. Some photographers have generally seen it all before but it’s good with Joel because he gets well into it and keeps you pumped.

How do you go about things when shooting an interview and filming a video part? Do you head out with a crew and just kind of play it by ear or do you make lists of tricks and spots?
You can’t think about too much, that’s when it become stressful. I guess make sure the person you go out filming with is your mate, someone you can have a beer with or chill at their house. If it’s just about filming tricks then it can seem like you go out filming or the sake of it. It’s all about the hype too! Get hyped and push down the street real fast then film your trick.
When it comes to photos, it can be less spontaneous just because of all the gear there is to be set up. Sometimes it’s good to be all serious though, like drive to the spot with the dude and take care of business, haha. Or totally not.

Who should we be keeping an eye on over the next year as far as the emerging Manchester youth goes?
Jay Stone is really good and has been for some time now. Also, Max Pouncey has all the moves. Come and do some First Lights! Haha.
Who else? Jake Johnson (the Manchester version) has a good style and is gaining power by the hour. My friend Alex is going to take over next year with switch shuvit flips.

2011’s been busy with The Harmony tour, Etnies edits and travel, the Sidewalk WORD interview, The Big Push and your video part and production role in Pusherman. What were some of the highlights for you and what have you got planned for 2012?
Wow! Yeah, it’s been busy but a pleasure. I’m busy doing nothing!
I guess Pusherman is finally out and has done well so that’s a good start. I really enjoyed doing that edit in London with Stu Bentley.  The Harmony ‘Finding Frank’ trip was rad too. And seeing my sister get married!
Next year its just more skateboarding I’m afraid. I need to go to New York City again, that’s my life goal right now.
Plus I’m bringing the pain with “SnakeEyesDie”.

Joe and Stu Bentley blast around London like you wish you could. Don’t front…


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