Best of 2007: Bob Sanderson

For those of you unfamiliar with the works of Brummy legend Bob Sanderson, here’s a brief rundown of why you should pay attention to everything that is written below.

Bob has been present and MC’d at pretty much every single event worth been at this year, worked with Andy Evans on the first wave of Mporas “Spiked TV” show, constantly been vocal in the forwarding of UK skateboarding, is heavily involved in the UKs only board pressing outfit, A Third Foot, and still grips boards whilst explaining the true meaning of ABEC 290,000 to kids in Ideal Skateshop, Birmingham. And aside from all that, he knows what he’s talking about.

Read on…

Top 3 Phrases at events in 2007?

I’m afraid to say that may be two more than I actually have!

– The greatest I guess is “Ave it, Dad!”. It’s obviously one of those good old piss takers that we blighty dwellers love, especially when we do comps! It’s so great to see the dad’s getting their shralp on!

– “Hardest game in the world” was really from a great Fast Show sketch with a grubby old pub dweller, classic. I believe it’s still on our till receipts at Ideal!

– “Ride it like you stole it” sums up skating pretty well I guess, but to be fair “the crowd went mild” works a treat when it’s needed, and it’s needed quite often!

Top 3 Events of 2007?

– Newquay, Newquay, Newquay…

The Boardmaster’s is a freakshow, it is a true legend. Our dear friends at the Bartrip Hotel are amazing, the stuff that goes on in that beautiful hotel…I love it!
It really is like a skateboarders “carry on” film.

– War Of The Roses.

Easily the most amazing skateboarding I’ve ever seen, apart from the wonderful Rotterdam comps. Seeing the newest wave of upstarts and upsetters is so mindblowing! We need to open our eye’s to the fact that we’ve got ourselves a truly unique scene on these beautiful islands! I hope the true dirty spirit of skateboarding survives, and it’s events like this that show we are a family…and a fucking good one!

– War Of The Thistles.

Although every event I do means the world, War Of The Thistles is a pleasure, mainly because Scotland rocks and they know how to breed fine burly baggage handlers and skate barbarians! Ireland,get your arse together and let’s get a similar event going! Support these events with all your hearts, any one who went to NASS etc will tell you “fuck the disneyfication of skateboarding!” Keep it chunky & dirty!

– Glastonbury.

I believe we’re close to a decade of having a nice mini ramp at Glasto. Thanks to the pure love and dedication of Martin and family, so many amazing skaters have blown through Glasto, and now with the addition of the vert boys we really are getting close to hopefully holding an ‘invite’ only comp/demo for many thousands of eager eye’s! if you get a ticket, bring a smile and your board!

Top 3 Skaters of 2007?

Impossible! Nowik, Awadh, Vile, Grove, Millar, King, Beckett, Goff, Tyreman, Brown, McKeon, Ross t’boss, Lynn, Caines, Shore, Duck, Foetus, Felix, Scotland, Nordberg, Howe, Wright, Scotty!

Top 3 Birmingham skaters to watch out for in 2008?

Brum always seems to create truly marvellous skaters. At the moment it’s gotta be:

Jason Caines – you just dont know!

Lil Jack – shocking!

Mr Ben Jones of the Norton, a young fella I’m hoping to drag around with me next year, a very humble and amazing up and comer!

Top 3 Bands to hail from Birmingham?

Robert Plant and John Bonham, the true soul of Led Zeppelin.

Black Sabbath, need I say more?

The last one’s a tough call…so…Steel Pulse, Fine Young Cannibals, The Beat, Calvados Beam Trio, Broadcast, Bentley Rhythm Ace, The Destroyers, Wizzard, ELO, the Move, UB40, Trevor Burton Band, Ocean Colour Scene, Slade, PCM, Broken Minds…Too much talent, so little space.

Top 3 Quotes of 2007?

“Little powley’s getting angry in his cloth cage, you wanna watch it in case it breaks free and spit’s at ya!” In regards to the marvelous Nic Powley!

“Hello Little Kim!” Some vert rider, who shall remain anonymous, saunters up to ‘our’ pole party at the Bartrip with a Little Kim lookalikey to meet Powley and myself being doormen. The lady in question wasn’t impressed, so the great man pipes up with “chill out, Little Kim!” Priceless! We need a “Powley Profanasaurus”!

“Greg Nowick, ooh ahh, I want to know, will you land that triple flip melon nose slap, revert, shuffle, willy grind!” The best chant I’ve ever been a part of at Newquay. It was like being on the terraces!

Top 3 Incidents at the Bartrip Hotel, Newquay?

– Well, 2006 was the year I realized that a certain amount of ‘fun in a bag’ leads me to sleep walk! How’s sharing a room with Powley, Niall, J.Gards, Grateful Dad (Wingy) and god knows how many more, waking up to me wearing a silly rasta hat in my boxers dancing in the room, saying to myself “easy on d weed boss, easy on d weed!” in a Jamaican accent whilst dancing away, before vanishing out of the room for an hour or so only to return still asleep and piss Wingy right off! Sorry fellas! I don’t get out much and you can see why!

The Bartrip mini ramp comp 2007.

– The Bartrip Hotel will go down in skate history as the “riot house hotel” of rock and roll folklore! Check out the wild stories of the “Chateau Marmont” hotel in LA!
It’s sad we can’t ride a motorbike through the halls, but I’m sure it could be achieved! Please don’t ever shut down, you are a special needs hotel and we certainly have special needs! Stag parties complaining about the noise? Jebbo’s! And as for them “wakeboarders”, more like “quakeboarders”!

Top 3 Activities of 2007 that didn’t involve skateboarding?

– I’m a true hobbit at heart, the area where I’ve grown up and live is actually “the shire'”. Tolkein based most of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” on where I live. He spent a great portion of his early years in Rednal, Lickey Hills, and drew most of his inspiration from the “enchanting forests and hills of South Birmingham”. Whenever I get a chance I hike all five hills and take in the pure beauty of where I live. Bliss!

– The greatest ‘non-skating’ job I do is presenting the “Nuts bikini babes” comp in Newquay. Being used to dealing with skate crowds is all well and good, little did I know that this job would mean being stood in front of 20,000 people hungry for booty! I’m happy that I get the chance to test myself with such a hard and demanding job! Thanks guys!

– Shigeru Miyamoto! This single man is responsible for revolutionising video gaming and is a true visionary! Zelda, Mario, what more can you say apart from a huge “thank you” to Mr Miyamoto and Nintendo? Keep it coming. “otaku”!

Top 3 Things you didn’t get round to doing in 2007?

– Sadly, hardly any skating! For the first time in 22 years I’m not able to do what I love the most. I’m in the process of trying to get a second opinion on the rather drastic outcome that I currently need a total knee cap replacement! So frustrating! But after having so much fun, I can’t grumble that much! Fingers crossed and all that…

– Not getting the chance to see my dear friend Richard Hughes (not Benny!) first solo art show in N.Y.C! Our kid is pure genius and his work is so fucking good! Just goes to show that through skating,anything is possible!

– I believe I have achieved all i needed to in 07! Who cares anyhow? I’m single, happy, not in debt, no kids, don’t own overpriced “bricks & mortar” and don’t fall for all the “war on trevor”, sorry, “terror” shit that’s got so many people fooled! Do not believe the tripe, love is all you need!

Top 3 Things you’re looking forward to in 2008?

– Seeing more from all the new “yoot dem” keeping the true spirit of skateboarding alive and who are supporting our events like War of the Roses, Thistles, etc etc. We truly are on the verge of another mass explosion!

– Hopefully Mr. Marc Churchill, Sir Andy Evans and myself will finally get down to writing a few sketches for future consumption, maybe to a wider audience than usual.
2008 will see us taking a bigger role in producing a greater ‘skate’ show for Mpora, we’ve got a few ideas to make “Spiked TV” even better. Hope you folks enjoy it!

– Forward thinking with regards to park designs; we really do need to get some creative designs going. The kids are the future, get to those meetings and add all your input! Don’t leave it up to some self back patting git, it’s about your future and what you want to ride! Imagine a Dali or Gaudi inspired area, complete with quirky weirdness! Stop the tramline, uniform dullness and open your eyes! Skateboarding will only evolve if it’s given the right chance, otherwise it will regress back to the N.C.Ps.

And finally!!……….God, you lot must be bored!

May I take this opportunity to say just how wonderful it feels to be a part of one of the greatest and most unique ‘families’ going. I always knew that staying true to who you are and what you love would pay off! To each and every one of you, I give the biggest amount of thanks and praise.

“Keep what you’ve got by giving it all away”

Here’s to a corking 2008. See you in the deep end, cheering the shralper’s on!

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