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Win éS "STI Fusion" Shoes and Gear!

Win éS "STI Fusion" Shoes and Gear!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Win a pair of STI Fusion Square One éS shoes, t-shirt, button down jacket and deck bag!


  1. Millie Harvey

    ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100%

    Would dearly ♥ 2 win XoX

  2. Louise Rawlings

    Great gear

  3. keely saycell

    total the best

  4. Diana Mandal

    great competition.

  5. Rich

    Nice one !!

  6. john radburn

    very nice do the job that would

  7. emmet meagher

    Dude if i had this prize woow
    Isure like if this prize could be mine i need some new gear but i havnt the money ill have to save if i dont win

  8. emmet meagher

    dude this prize is radical
    Do you get the board to
    if you do i want in
    please pick me
    i still want in if you dont please

  9. Emmet Meagher

    have you guys picked a winner

  10. Pawel Wojtowicz

    there is no link for competition !

  11. steven

    this gear set is awesome and the board as well i wan’t to win this so i can have a new skateboard cause i real need a new one pretty badly so i could skate agian i never been skating for ages plze i wan’t a new board and i can’t aford a new one

  12. obadiah stauffer

    i love this brand


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