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Win a massive package from Rock Solid Distribution!

Win a massive package from Rock Solid Distribution!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


Ultra WOW! Check all this booty that Rock Solid Distribution have passed onto us to pass onto you.

To start off 2013 in a product enhanced way (look at that list of gear!!!!), simply answer the super easy question…


  1. Tom Vials

    This is rad!


    great prize

  3. Encar

    Thank you

  4. Bob

    Very generous, thanks a mil.

  5. Michelle Best


  6. Billy Poole

    son gone crazy

  7. ian

    crazy good

  8. Louis

    This is amazin

  9. pinkglitter_ali


  10. Andrea Smith

    I never say no to a massive package!!!

  11. chris earl

    Want so baaaaaaaaaaadddd

  12. BazWazner

    When do the winnners of these comps get published? I wanna know who won these great bags of stuff.

  13. Rich

    Pretty kool !!!

  14. Amber

    this is the sickest prize you’ve done omg

  15. mick

    very nice

  16. alf

    When does this sick comp end

  17. adam

    This awesome would love to have these

  18. Fin

    Sick prize man

  19. Linda Thorn

    A bear.

  20. patrick coyle

    Does Jason Jesse own stereo?



  22. Tushar

    How do u win?

  23. Tushar

    Just saying I’ve always wanted a good skateboard and finally might be able to get one

  24. Dan

    erm i think if i won this id probably go mental especially that grizzly tee ive wanted one for aaaaages

  25. Louis


  26. marvin

    this prize is mint need a new deck so bad aswell so i can start skating again plus the threads are siiick!

  27. Aidan

    This is a full set up with extra clothes <3

  28. Chloe Gray

    A bear!


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