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Sunday Service: Rob Selley - "A Mixed Media" (1996)

Sunday Service: Rob Selley - "A Mixed Media" (1996)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

It’s almost been exactly a year since we last honoured the skating of Rob Selley in the Sunday Service, so we thought we’d delve back into the archives and bring you another slice of certified Selley gold, this time from the very first Blueprint/Panic VHS “A Mixed Media”, released fifteen years back in 1996.

Progressive classic Selley ledge wizardry from Milton Keynes, Bristol and London awaits – click play below then go buy some Motive gear!

If the Mixed Media part leaves you wanting more, check out his follow up section from Blueprint/Panic’s “Anthems” VHS here – Sunday Service: Rob Selley

See you next Sunday!

Rob Selley – Blueprint/Panic “A Mixed Media” (1996) >>

  1. Drawing Boards

    Yes Selley !!!

  2. g

    damn 15 years ago, the switch flip back tail was pretty amazing for the time, i miss those days!


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