Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Matt Pritchard – Blueprint/Panic “Anthems” (1998)

Long before Pritchard was known as one of the “Dirty Sanchez” founders or half of the infamous “Pritchard vs Dainton” duo, the Welsh beast could be founding holding down a pro spot on Panic Skateboards along with other Panic pro’s of the time Paul Shier and Colin Kennedy, as well as dominating comps across the UK and racking up a serious amount of coverage in the early pages of the mag.

Having already closed the first joint Panic and Blueprint video “A Mixed Media” in 1996, it was on Pritchard to open their follow up, the much sought after classic “Anthems”, in 1998. See for yourself what heavy NBD’s Pritch laid down as he trekked around Wales, Bristol, Milton Keynes, London and beyond with Magee and co in tow on documentation duties – click the ‘play’ button below now…

Matt Pritchard – Blueprint/Panic “Anthems” (1998)

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