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Sunday Service: Andy Scott - "Baghead Flats" bonus section (2008)

Sunday Service: Andy Scott - "Baghead Flats" bonus section (2008)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

All the videos for The Big Push 2011 are now live!
As you’ll be able to see on the Big Push mini site, each team has already accrued a number of points through completion of the Big Push tasks. Your votes will be added to these scores to determine the overall winner with 70% of the eventual score being derived from points already awarded and 30% from online voting – you are voting for your favourite edit, nothing else, so use your vote wisely.
The winning team from this year’s Big Push will score a healthy £3000 prize purse to share between the participants, as well as the cover of the Christmas mag.

Voting will close on the 25th of November so don’t hang about!

Anyway, whilst your chewing over which crew of shoe humans you fancy bigging up this year, indulge in a bit of transitional nonchalance in the form of Andy Scott’s bonus section from “Baghead Flats”, consisting of nearly three minutes worth of unseen and rare Scotty magic.

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