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Save Southbank! Do your part now...

Save Southbank! Do your part now...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


So late last week the Southbank Centre publicly announced its new plans for an all new Festival Wing, with the proposed changes indicating the end for the legendary Undercroft area which has played home to skateboarding in our nations capital for quite literally decades.

Find out more about the proposed developments and how they affect you on the We Are Southank Undercroft website where you can also join in discussions regarding the spaces future, and you all need to read Jacob Sawyer’s recent piece on the Slam City site for an interesting and insightful take on the current developments, with some potted history thrown in too.

  1. stu graham

    good to see you guys are saving south bank wouldv been rad if yous helped with all thats going on in livi,,, would never happern though kiz gravity obviously pay yous money for wat ever,,, im fuckin raging now man just wen i asked for your helpedyou toataly said yea we could do a little blog thing but cant realy get involved ! fuckin NICEONE lads

  2. stu graham
  3. duncan pierce

    help us to get more likes to save south bank skate park..if u can pls share our page in your wall .thank you.

  4. Ruby

    I shared this petition, which has over 20000 signings on my deviantART account ^^ Let’s hope we can save history!!


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