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Route One’s “Free Skate Day” – October 24th. Updated info!

Route One’s “Free Skate Day” – October 24th. Updated info!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

As we mentioned previously on the site, Route One have teamed up with a bunch of indoor establishments across the country to give skateboarders 100% free skatepark entry this coming Monday, October 24th!

Thanks to contributions from Zoo York, Baker, Destructo Trucks, Hubba Wheels, Death Skateboards, Fabric, Almost, Element, Plan B, Autobahn, Theeve, Lakai Footwear, Vans, Chocolate, Fallen, Mystery and Route One, there will be £2,000 worth of giveaways at each of the five parks on the day, as well as R1 team riders on hand and a video making competition to earn your local park £1,000 worth of upgrades.

The appointed R1 riders and filmers for each park are as follows:

The Works, Leeds. Skaters – Conhuir Lynn and Josh “Manhead” Young. Filmer – Alex Winstanley.
The Boardroom, Leicester. Skaters – Avid and Joe Lynskey. Filmer – Callun Loomes.
Mount Hawke, Cornwall. Skaters – Nicky Howells and Dave Snaddon. Filmer – Matt Hunt.
Bay 66, London. Skaters -Amir Williams and Benson. Filmer – Matt King.
Pioneer, St Albans. Skaters – Andy Coleman, Josh and Dan. Filmer –  Matt Farman.

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