Nike SB “Planet Caravan” – tour blog part 1

Colin Kennedy fired us over a bunch of photos from the first few days of the Nike SB “Planet Caravan” tour this morning, which follows the convoy of caravans as they journeyed from Edinburgh down to Gateshead and beyond.

Have a scroll below to see what Colin Kennedy, Jerome Campbell, Korahn Gayle, Chris Jones, Neil Smith, Joey Pressey, Daniel “Snowy” Kinloch, Cubic, Magee and the rest have been up to!

Stay tuned – more bloggings from the caravans soon.

Edinburgh was squeegied for a shred.
Home for a week...
Magee happy?
5 bridges hungry crowd...
Happy campers.
'Ah love the way new shoes smell'
Repping the tour shirts.
Posted up in beautiful Knaresborough.
Shit is tight, but fools sleep like babies.
Morning Chris, breakfast time...
The ever smiling Korahn Gayle.
The leisurely Jerome Campbell.
Self portraiture...

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