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Dan Cates does the ONE at Slam City Skates party – part 2

Dan Cates does the ONE at Slam City Skates party – part 2

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

As you’ll be aware if you caught yesterdays blog post, Dan Cates found himself at the ONE at Slam City Skates opening party on Saturday with “Euro Trippin’” crew members Ali Boulala, Vaughan Baker and Horsey, joined this time around by Chad Muska and latest Supra signing Stevie Williams.

The second round of Dans snapshots from the party can be scrolled below right now, then head on over to either the Kr3w Site or the Slam City site for more bloggings from the opening shindig.

Snaps and captions by Daniel Cates.

Rory Milanes skateboard photo
Rory Milanes strikes his best "man pose".
Snowy skateboard photo
Charlie Young and Snowy on the rampage.
Palace skateboards photo
What was the name of that one Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff album? "I'm the DJ, he's the rapper." That's it.
Slam City party photo
That one bird from that one P.R company.
Dan Cates skateboard photo
The stare of Death executed with added head flare.
Robbleyard skateboard photo
Robbleyard double fisting on Kr3w's bar tab.
Stevie Williams skateboard photo
Will Harmon, Stevie and SPT.
Olly Todd skateboard photo
Olly Todd can punish any dancefloor, just look at him go.
Chez's hair photo!
We heart Chez!
Lady Sovereign skateboard photo
Lady Sovereign

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