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7. 40 Years Later – Long Live Southbank

7. 40 Years Later – Long Live Southbank

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

40 Years Later – Long Live Southbank – May 2013
So here’s the one notable clip from 2013 that needs no lame attempts at comedy to justify its inclusion. Henry and everyone involved in the LLSB campaign have forever cemented themselves into the hearts and minds of the global skateboarding population through their sheer perseverance and refusal to kow-tow to their self-appointed ‘betters’. Fuck you Bully Bragg. LLSB.
Go watch it again…now.

  1. kdp

    …and even Mike York couldn’t deal with it. He quit the new Blueprint already. Ha ha ha. So bone.

  2. Ben Powell

    Did he quit? Or get the hoy though?
    Either way – best off out of it surely?


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