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Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria - blog 3

Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria - blog 3

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Blog number 3 is in from the Gran Canaria crew, with another round of photos featuring Ben Raemers, Chris Oliver, Scott Howes, Sam Beckett, Will Harmon, Daryl Dominguez, special guest Barney Page.

Once you’ve finished having a peruse of this lot, head on back to the front page for a bonus guest blog from Will Harmon, with a whole load of additional snapshots from Will’s camera for you to get stuck in to.

Check back tomorrow for more…

Raemers tries to demonstrate how you drink cider at traditional Spanish cider festivals. And fails.
Doritos skateboardng photo.
Rinse these every opportunity you get. Best crisps going.
Sam saying hello to the Twitter mandem at another random WiFi spot find.
Daryl Dominguez skateboarding photo
Trunky D - AKA Domingo Trunks. See Will's guest blog for more...
Will Harmons amazing ditch spot skateboarding photo
Dubs Harm ditch through the eyes of art.
Postcard modifcation skateboard photo.
Crew deep postcard modification.
boy band on a beach skateboarding photo

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