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Chris Jones

Chris Jones is part of the team at Isle Skateboards, the British company founded in March 2013 by former Blueprint riders Nick Jensen and Paul Shier. He featured in Stop/Start, the third in the company’s debut series of films, which was shot using Super 8 to convey the actions of Chris’s skateboarding as well as his recent relocation from his hometown in Wales to London. Chris is also sponsored by Liverpool’s Lost Art skateshop, Nike and SML Wheels.

Pre-Isle, his footage includes 2010’s Summer Tour video from Crayon, which also featured skaters such as James Coyle and Barney Page, Through the Eyes of Chris Jones in conjunction with Sidewalk (2010), the Crayon Retrospective (2011), Sidewalk’s In Progress (2011) and a lo-fi welcome video for SML (2013), edited by Mike O’Shea and set in Thailand and south London’s Stockwell area.

Chris was born in Coychurch, a small village near the South Wales town of Bridgend. His first proper video appearance was in a promo for Crayon from 2007 and he turned pro for the company in June 2011 with a clip filmed by Nick Richards. He joined Isle shortly before Crayon’s demise in 2013.

Although riding with a relaxed style, Chris looks as though he could spring into action at any time. For evidence of this explosion-waiting-to-happen, check out two outstanding releases from 2013 – Jacob Harris’s Eleventh Hour and Crayon’s full-length Five Years, in which he shared a part with Coyle and guest skaters Dylan Hughes and Caradog.