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Sidewalk Magazine Issue 147

Haunts: Gav Coughlan

Gobby Irish youth gets tortured by Nicky Howells, and leaps off massive stuff.

Emerica ‘Cheer Up’ Tour

Turvs UK Emerica army and friends trawl the country for dry spots in the fleeting days of summer.

Carl Shipman: Back on Board

Good old Shippo comes back to the fold and teaches us some lessons in steez.

Crossfire Halloween Massacre

The dead come back to life for one night only. And shred a mini ramp like the dead bursting from a shed.

Vans Devour China

A far-east battering of gigantic proportions.

Plus: Adam Moss and Ross Forknall shed their ‘First Lights’, Bob Sanderson talks mic business, Geoff Rowleys ode to Jimmy Boyce, 5050s new shop and loads more! Get on it!

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