Best of 2007: Louis Cooper

Keep an eye out for Louis Coopers “Haunts” interview in January’s issue of the mag, but for now see what he’s enjoyed the most about 2007…

Top 3 Skaters of 2007?

Devine Calloway


Sean Malto

Top 3 videos of 2007?

Lakai – Fully Flared


Transworld-Lets do this!

Top 3 Brighton skaters to watch out for in 2008?

James Kilpatrick

Tom Felix

Joe Vass

Top 3 amusing stories from The Level in 2007?

– Two hobos came down the level in a go cart with a random sand bag, and were riding around the level….they managed to flip out and the woman went flying and landed on her hip….and was loving it!

-“MAD DOG” – Some gnarly bloke who just came out of prison and wanted to start a skating career, his name says it all…and hes got it for a reason!

– Pastey on the mic at the level comp! “Avit you level scum”

Top 3 things to do when you weren’t skating in 2007?

Chilling on Brighton beach with a beer…

Nights out in Brighton with my mates!

Tea and Bacon sandwich…

Top 3 exhibitions to pass through your gallery in 2007?

Mark Gonzales Priest Exibition – millions of those mulit coloured bubble blowing monsters.

Ben Eine – famous for the big ‘Vandalism’ peice in shoreditch.

Daniel Eatok- famous for designing the ‘Big Brother Eye’ logo.

Top 3 albums of 2007?

I didnt actually buy one album! I’m afraid to say it was from the internet, anyway best ones to mind are probably….

High Contrast – ‘Tough guys don’t dance’

Arcade Fire – ‘Neon Bible’

Ummm ill get back to you on the last one!

Top 3 accomplishments of 2007?

Landing this production assistant job in London.

Getting an AAC in my A-levels

Skating coverage and sponsors i guess.

Top 3 things you wish you had done in 2007?

Front blunted El Toro….gutted!

Gone to Glastonbury.

I’m not big on regrets so lets move onto ‘things to do’…

Top 3 things to do in 2008?

Well….I guess the El Toro front blunt will come and haunt me…

Traveling for 5 months round south east asia.

Prague mission in the summer when i get back…part two!