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Paul Regan – Exclusive online interview

Regan started asking about doing an online interview a little while ago now, but, to be honest, I wasn’t too sure whether we should do it or not. At the time we were still running the weekly ‘Last Orders’ on the site, and hadn’t done anything that would constitute a ‘full interview’ in quite a while. As it turned out Regan had been shooting a load of photos with Hairy Rob that didn’t really have a home and he wanted to use for something, and he had also spoke to Matt Hirst about putting together an edit with the footage they had got together on various filming missions throughout 2008.

I’ve had it all sitting in a folder on my desktop for the past couple of weeks now, so, the other night, I sat down and had an MSN catch up with Regan to see what he’s been up to since his ‘Haunts’ early last year. The weekly interview format for 2009 should take effect as of next Saturday, but for now, check Hairy Robs photography, scope Matt Hirsts banging edit and read Paul Regans words.

In a bit…

Noseblunt – Photo: Hairy Rob

What’s on regan? What you up to right now?

Just finished gripping my deck, Big Brother is just randomly on TV and I’m waiting for Austin Powers to come on.

Are you following Big Brother? Who’s going to win?

Not really, I watch it every now and again, when I’m not up too much. Coolio makes me laugh, and Verne is quite funny, thats about it. Ohh, Ulrika is pretty fit for a fourty-odd year old anyway (laughs).

What’s changed since your Haunts then?

Considering my haunts photos are from like the 2007/2008 quite a lot has changed. I’ve had a fair few job changes, I got a new employer which I talked about in my Document interview, I’ve left Science skateboards, my shop sponsor is no more and I’ve been filming loads for the new Hull video, really stoked about that, been traveling all over a lot, too.

Frontside bluntslide – Photo: Hairy Rob

So what are you doing for boards now then since you left Science?

I let Mathieu know I’d left Science and he wanted to help me out with Girl, but there was no budget this year or something, but he’s put me on a flow deal where I pay for the decks at cost price, just to help me out until something else comes along, which is good of him.  I’d like to thank everyone at Science, and Chris for supporting my skateboarding – good luck with the co mate!

What happened to Border Patrol then? Has that gone too?

Yeah man, I feel sorry for the guys that ran it, especially Paul, he was always stoked on helping people out and getting involved with comps and putting things on, it was a true skater owned shop, it’s sad to see another one go, but I guess with all this credit crunch shit it’s bound to happen. I think everyone is feeling it…

So what’s up with the new Hull video, is that getting any closer to being finished?

Haha, it was until Mikes computer decided to crash, he lost half the intro so he has to start it again. It’s been bust for a bit, but he’s meant to be getting it fixed sometime this month, so the video got put on hold for a while. It’s definitely looking good now though, it’s really different from any other Hull video, some new talent for sure.

Krook – Photo: Hairy Rob

What’s the word on Scott? Has he been seen much?

The last time Scott was out was when we went down to London for the weekend in September. It was a good skate, hooked up with a few people and got shown that underground skatepark, which I thought was amazing! Really would like to go back there again. Scott got quite a bit of footage when we was there!

What’s he filming for? The hull video?

Yeah, filming a few bits here and there, reppin’ his scene.

So what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Hopefully to get this video part done, finish my apprenticeship, and possibly start a short course on something to do with design at uni, until my friends have finished their courses. Wanna keep on the coverage thing too, do some filming for I think the new sidewalk video so i’ll be getting on that.

Leap – Photo: Hairy Rob

Finally then, what you saying for War of the Roses? You coming through to rep Hull or what?

Yeah I’ll be there I think, probably come with some of the Hull lads, that should go off. I wouldn’t mind going to both of them this year, I only ever go to one of them, would be good to attend both of them and see what mental shit goes down. War of the Roses is always a good event – props to the people involved as always!

Any last words for now?

Just like to thank my sponsors as always, cheers to Mathieu and Sam at DVS and Revival Dist for helping me out. My friends, family etc. You know how it goes haha. Cheers.

Exclusive Regan edit by Matthew Hirst: Regan – The Matt Hirst Edit >>


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