Log and Capture – Part 1 – UK skate filmers talk about their favourite footage

George Nevin, Adam Mondon, Zander Ritchie, Jack Brooks and Jake Martinelli pick their favourite clips

The idea behind this article was a fairly simple one – get hold of as many esteemed documenters of skateboarding as we could from this fair isle and find out what piece of footage springs to mind when we ask them:

“what’s your favourite clip that you’ve ever filmed?”

From the producers of full length legendary VHS classics right up to the guys currently responsible for the finest home-grown clips that you can find on the world wide web, we’ve tracked down and asked as many camera-wielders as we could get hold of, so prepare yourself for the backstories and the raw footage of some pretty legendary skateboarding from all over the UK (and further afield, in some cases).

With that in mind, get stuck into part 1 of ‘Log and Capture’ here, then keep a keen eye out for future instalments which will be coming your way in the very near future…

Filmer: Adam Mondon – Skater: Channon King

Adam MondonChannon King – used in First Broadcast (2001)
I’ve got endless ‘favourite’ single tricks and lines I’ve filmed over the years but thought I would use this front board of Channon King as one fine example. This has all the elements from in front of the camera and behind, for me personally. In no particular order: Shooting with the VX1000, yellow board and rail, contrasting light with generators, good crew of skaters, a spot that barely anyone has stepped to, night footage, Channon’s stress levels, closing the montage of First Broadcast with my favourite Mogwai track, reminding me how stoked I was to make that vid and seeing how it’s still appreciated all these years later.

It’s funny how things fall in to place and you get lucky/unlucky with certain angles. Ollie Barton was shooting the photo and had flashes set up in shot until the very last attempt. I nearly got the run up blocked from him walking away. We ended up with double angles and a banging Sidewalk cover!

Filmer: Zander Ritchie -Skater: Bobby Baillie

Zander RitchieBobby Baillie – used in Weather Permitting (2015)
It was hard for myself to select one specific clip that was my favourite; I narrowed it down to three clips and kept playing them back in the editor.

I chose a clip of Bobby Baillie skating a weird mushroom bump spot, situated in a Glenrothes estate in the end; a spot that you would never think could be in the Kingdom of Fife.
I think this clip is exciting to watch because of the surrounding area, plus Bobby smashing through it and just hanging on but still pulling off the roll away.
There are also memories of going to this spot a few times before and getting rained out.
I can watch this clip multiple times and never get bored of it.
Bobby never fails to bring home the goods, even if that is taking a hard slam or rolling away from the trick, you’re 100% guaranteed to be going home with a raw clip.

Filmer: Jack Brooks – Skater: Lucien Clarke.

Jack BrooksLucien Clarke – used in ‘Very Nice‘ (2016)
This line is from my first trip with Palace to L.A. for the V Nice edit. We’d spent a lot of time around Venice beach and one of those days we went to skate these ledges in a basketball court, with palm trees and crazy beach people claiming to know Tony Alva everywhere. We rocked up crew deep and started skating in and amongst basketball games, which obviously drew attention quite quickly leading to some beach patrol guy trying to kick us out, but we managed to convince him to let me and Lucien stay and carry on filming.

So we stayed, the crew bounced and then after a long day in the heat we came out with the line. It’s one of my favourites mainly because of the dude throwing the 3-pointer half way through. It’s one of those lines you remember really putting the work in for, and plus you can’t fault that unmistakeable Lucien steez on the backside flip coming outta downcourt.

Filmer: George Nevin – Skater: Korahn Gayle.

George NevinKorahn Gayle – used in Bristol’s Finest (2009)
This clip is from back in 2009 whilst filming for ‘Bristol’s Finest’. I’m pretty sure this was the last night mission we went on which is why so many people were about and the last trick we filmed for the video.

We went there for Boyo (Matthew Williams) to film a trick and then Korahn started to try this. It only took him a few attempts and he managed to do it this well.

It was a nice way to finish things off.

Filmer: Jake Martinelli – Skater: Josh Cox.

Jake MartinelliJosh Cox – used in ‘Rugged Raw 2‘ (2016)
There are many clips I’ve filmed that I am hyped on that are up there in terms of favourites – it’s usually down to being hyped on the fact it’s a gnarly hammer and I was lucky enough to be there to witness and film it – but this line of Josh Cox is my all time favorite, mainly because it was so much fun to film. I personally love filming lines, it’s tiring at times but I fucking love it (as happy as a dog with two dicks as they say, or a pig in shit). This line itself is an interesting one – three tricks on the flat bar down hill then a backside ollie on a street tranny (in his part I edited the pop sound in), a bit of flat land in the mix back into a flat bar trick but into a bank to fakie.

Josh is nang at putting an interesting line together.

I think the spot looks so interesting too with the bracken, the flats etc. I like the aspect of a spot looking interesting as well as the skating being interesting; that element can really make things that much more special.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention he did the line three times.

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