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Last Orders: Korahn Gayle

Following the demise of East in 2006, Bristols Korahn Gayle went a bit quiet. Having been killing it constantly since he first appeared in 2004, the sudden lack of Korahn coverage came as somewhat of a concern to some, though when he reappeared last summer as part of the Hubba wheels UK tour, then followed it up with a ridiculous sequence in the mammoth Bristol article which was run in Decembers issue of Sidewalk, it was pretty evident that Korahn was still killing it outside of the public eye.

Check out “Dragon Eye” for some up to date footage of Korahn alongside fellow Brizzle local Nicky Howells, but for now, have a read of his “Last Orders”.


Person you spoke to: Abbie, she stood on me when she got out of bed, I said “for f*cks sake!”

Time you checked your facebook: Just now, my updaty thing says, and I quote: “Korahn Gayle is drowning his sorrows (in tears) after missing a penalty in the semi final of the cup. We’re out!

Trick you filmed: In Amsterdam, stoned swich heel down some set of stoned stairs with a stoned filmer.

Photo you shot: Stoned swich heel down some stoned set of stairs shot by a stoned photograther.

Skate event event you traveled to: “Metz Master” in France. It was head to head knock outs until the final where you get paid. Luckily I got some nervous dudes to face so I made it to the final and came last! Still, I got 150 euros.

Spot you skated in Bristol: Lloyds of course! Always fun though.

Trick landed down the Lloyds 3: Nollie frontside heelflip, which was in the Bristol article.

Trick you learnt: Jasper, the new kid on Nike, taught me back foot flips. Cheers Jasper!

Trick you lost: Frontside shuvits, everyday.

Item of significance that you lost: Too many things. In the last couple of weeks I’ve lost hats, hoodys, gloves, a setup, my credit card, my virginity, again…You name it, I’ve lost it.

Book you read: “Old Mother Hubbard” to my one year old nephew, Jacob.

Time you were outraged: When I missed the stupid, annoying, rubbish, lame and smelly penalty in the semi-final of the cup yesterday, which meant we lost. I’m still outraged now.

Piece of advice you received: “Put it to his right”. I didn’t listen. I’m just dwelling and dwelling. But hey! It’s only football!

Time you worked in 5050: About 2 weeks ago for Syd when he needed to pop out for a minute, if you know what I mean. it was just before the shop was shutting when it’s usually boomin’!

5050 mini ramp session: I just cant remember that at all, in the words of Little Miss Joycelene it must have been a loooong time ago!

Song you sang along to: “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna, I’m such a girl. Now it’s “Be Strong” by Sizzla. That’s better!

Film you watched and enjoyed: “Ratatouille”, it’s well good, I highly recommend it.

Film you watched and hated: 1408 – Directors Cut. On the back it says it is “a film that leaves you gasping in the end”. I was gasping, but at just how bad the film was!

Skate video you watched from start to finish: “First Love”, the sick Transworld video whilst sitting in 5050.

Skate section you rewound more than once: Ok, this is lame but if I was telling the truth I would have to say I watched mine and Nicky Howells joint part in “Dragon Eye” by Dykie.

Website visited: Youtube. What were you watching? Sizzla- “Be Strong” live on ridim up on the green screen. Check it.

Bristol skateboarder you were stoked on: Dave Snaddon when I heard he did kickflip backtail bigspin on top bit of a bench at Sants. Him and Nicky Howells are always killing it.

Time you said “never again”: I don’t ever say “ever” with an “n” on the front. Haha! I can’t think of a time anyway.

Computer game you stayed up all night playing: Easy! “Pro Evolution 2008” for the PS3 on my brothers 52 inch TV! Bliss! That was Sunday night, the night I missed that penalty!

Thing you downloaded: This thing from the poker site to play poker. Ssshhh…

Time you feared for your life: I don’t know. Quite a few times in my nightmares, falling off a massive multi-story carpark or getting hit by a car when you just cant jump out of the way. You must have had one of those…

Korahns section from the original “Bristol in Bloom” (2004).


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