Dan Main ‘First Light’ interview from Sidewalk 204

from Sidewalk 204 – September 2013


Photography by Jonny Haynes 


‘Dan DVS’, ‘Fox Beanie Kid’, ‘The biscuit’? Set it straight and let the people know who you are…
– Areet lasses! Name’s Daniel Main, I’m 23 and from Gateshead but I spend most of my time in the Toon. Basically ‘Dan DVS’ came from the OG Native forum, that was my user name and it just stuck I guess. It was the Lowfell crew who called me ‘Fox beanie kid’ as I wore one every day and they didn’t know my real name, (laughs). As for ‘The Biscuit’, that one was given to me by Buster aka The Howden Chutney when I apparently stole and ate an entire packet of rich teas from his flat. The Newcastle scene is full of nicknames and it’s hard to keep track at times.

So when did you ditch DVS Dan? Was it when My DC Crew hooked you up?
– (Laughs), well with the group of friends I have you can never really just ditch a nickname; you have to just deal with it. At present it’s The Biscuit until another one gets given to me. One nickname to another I guess.

Well as we’ve come to realise the Newcastle Scene is renowned for having the best nicknames: what’s your top 5?
Mongo Chicken Speed Pusher
Switch Flip Small Head
The Howdon Hotdog
Matty Burger Switch Front Board The Yoda

Ranson mentioned that you’re “a fellow Swan” in his intro, what’s up with that?
– Swan Gang Up In This Bitch! If you didn’t know now you know… a certain Herman,
Hsu and Reynolds are down for life. SGUITB!

I hear you all have Swan Gang tattoos, is that right?
– It’s more like 3 people, you don’t need to have a tattoo to be part of it, it’s just a group of mates getting on ruthless times!

You just dropped a rad 10 tricks edit for Native Skate Store at your new favourite spot (the new Newcastle wasteland), anymore edits in the works? A Swan Gang video maybe?
– I think there is a little edit coming out sometime soon, (or maybe already has by the time this is out) from Native, on which all the team have a handful of tricks in including myself. Now you mention it though a full length Native Video is long overdue, that shit needs to happen so get on it Jackie!

You’re all about being a Geordie, what are your 5 favourite things about the Toon? Brown Ale
The Wasteland
Nearly getting knocked out on the big market

We’ll keep it short and sweet; you got any shout outs, thank yous, pearls of wisdom you would like to share?
– Special thanks to the Jackie for putting up with my constant chucky bill on boards. Also keep an eye on the Newcastle lot because as you’ve seen in the Newcastle Weekenders article, there are a lot of heads killing it on the daily. SGUITB!


Dan’s skills on a hippy stick are always on point, whether he’s fresh as a daisy, hanging out of his arse, or three sheets to the wind. Always down for a laugh, always got a trick for the spot, always texts when he’s pushing wood. A good friend and fellow Swan that you’d be more than hap- py to take home to meet your mother. I also heard he likes to have girly chats about nothing on the phone while he’s in the bath but I am yet to receive one of these, the TART!
Daniel Ranson

Dan Main (who I lovingly refer to as The Biscuit) is the quick-footed wizard of 5 Bridges, forever on the session and always down for those street beers! Stoked to see he’s finally getting a First Light as he’s been deserving of one for a long while now. Dan’s one of those people who you could sit and watch skate all day, always creative and basically smashes it on a wheelie plank.
Johnny Haynes


bench to back of bench backsmith. Dual use indeed. Photo: Haynes


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