Lintell and Milanes talk Converse’s Big Push 2011!

Big Push 2011: Converse

CJ got hold of Converse UK’s Harry Lintell and Rory Milanes to see what they made of their 2011 Big Push experience.

Get reading below now, then head on back on Monday to see what the Nike SB boys have got to say…

Harry Lintell – backside tailslide. Photo: Sam Ashley.

Harry Lintell

So Harry, this was your second Big Push. After a pretty heavy hitting part from yourself in last years Ipath edit, did you feel under pressure to be the kind of ‘gnarly one’ this year with Converse?
Yeah man, it was my second year. I’m so stoked on getting the chance to go on two Big Pushes, they’re rad. I didn’t really feel like I had to jump off things as the Big Push is such a rush and you always end up having too much fun to feel under pressure. But yeah, there is a nice thrill of thinking sometimes, “I wonder what or where is everyone else skating. Is it raining?”. It was just really good to get to skate some spots that I had never been to before and get the chance to meet skaters.

It’s fair to say that everyone one was pretty hyped to see Yann and Clint in the footage and article. How was it having a few guys form overseas on the trip?
Yeah it was really good to go skate with them. Both are killer dudes who shred! It was sick to hang out with them the whole week. Good dudes to get stuck in a van with and it was good to get a chance to hear about the cultures and stories of both America and South Africa.

It looks like you guys travelled all over, what were some of your favourite spots and sessions?
Oh man, I wouldn’t be able to say, ha-ha! There were so many good spot on that trip! The spot in Wolverhampton was amazing. I had heard a lot about that spot but that was the first time I had ever been there and it was amazing! Newcastle was cool too, and I had not been there either.

You won the ‘No Fear stair count challenge’ and 500 quid along with that. Were you worried about having to try this, and did you have any problems or slams trying to do it?
It was in the back of my mind but I hadn’t though about it too much. It was like the fifth day of the trip or something and we were in Sheffield and I’d seen the stairs already. We were pretty knackered from travelling so much and just being stuck in the van for long period at a time so we went there anyway to have a look at it to see if anyone might giving it one. It’s the Big Push, you might as well give it a go. I was scared, cold and tired, so I just kind of went for it and it happened! I was well stoked! It was one of the biggest things I have tried.

Whilst watching the edit, you seem to have a corker of a slam on the Gaz Jenkins rail for the recreation of the cover. How come you had to skate it in the rain? Was it a “now or never” situation?
Yeah, that was pretty much it man. It was the morning of the last day and we were hoping for some good weather but it was raining solid. It was like the last spot that we could think of skating that might be dry to try and get the last challenge. When we got there and it was well busy and wet. But it’s the Big Push so it’s worth a go, ha-ha. I ended up taking some slams ‘cos it was wet but I stuck one and got the last challenge just in time, which was sick!

You guys ended up at the Wednesfield/Wolverhampton big three for the NBD challenge. Did you have any problems with the switch big heel or had you got it in your mind that you were gonna do it before you went there?
Nah it was one of them thing that you just think of when your there. I had though of some tricks that I had wanted to try at that spot, but that wasn’t one of them. It just kinda happened, ha-ha. Couldn’t be more stoked that I had landed too. That spot is amazing and would love to skate it again.

Rory Milanes – ollie. Photo: Sam Ashley.

Rory Milanes

This was the first Converse Big Push. With Sam (Ashley), Chez and Hold Tight Henry all seasoned pro’s at the Big Push game, did they organise where you guys were gonna skate everyday or was it a case of just heading to wherever was dry and not a bust?

We had the route planned and most of the spots, but we found a few extra things. Chez wasn’t on our case to get footage really, I think this hyped the team to get stuff done because there was no stress at all, he just let us get on with it!

Did you travel to any parts of Britain that you’d not skated before?
Not really to be honest.

What were your favourite spots and sessions?
The pool in Oxford was a so sick, it was in the middle of the woods. I remember the weather being amazing and we were drinking beers whilst skating.

I think it’s fair to say that everyone out there was pretty gutted about not getting to see Jerome skate. What happened to him?
Yeah it was a shame but his ankle was mash up. It’s hard to go on a skate trip when you’re the only one that can’t skate, but he held it down!

As per usual, a few people lost some time to the dodgy British weather. Did you loose out on any photos or footage because of this?
I don’t actually remember it raining that much to be honest. We must have missed a lot of it!

It must have been rad to have a couple of out of towners (Clint and Yann) on the trip. Did you feel like a tour guide to British skate spots and culture?
Not really, if it was in London then maybe I would have felt slightly more like a guide. I think they really enjoyed it though, they got to see a few places in England and it must have been interesting for them to notice the contrast in some of the places, like from Oxford to Liverpool.

What are you highlights from the week and is there anywhere you like to explore in particular next year?
I liked spending time in Sheffield. Everyone is very friendly there and there is a sense of close knit community amongst the skaters. Next year I really want to go back to Scotland, I like it there because there’s loads of stuff to skate and the scenery is incredible. There’s always lots do in Glasgow, there’s a good music scene there and I want to go to that record shop – ‘Rubadub’.

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