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Win yourself some brand new Ellington's courtesy of Supra!

Win yourself some brand new Ellington's courtesy of Supra!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

You would have to be daft in the head not to want a pair of Erik Ellington’s new Supra shoes.

To help you get closer to owning a pair, Supra have kindly donated three pairs to give away via the mag!

Simply answer this following question…


  1. Alison Bruce

    love to win

  2. tony stevenson

    great comp love to win

  3. canberk

    no text :(

  4. J

    Capture code not showing

  5. J

    Cancel that it’s showing now

  6. debra boren

    no text to enter, verification not passed, can’t enter… :(

  7. debra boren

    Sent comment, text was entered for verification… :)

  8. Andrew Halliwell

    No captcha image, but the captcha code is readable in the html source if you know what to look for.

  9. Robert J Seymour

    Hi, no text showing to copy and the only two of the three answers are showing.

  10. jay walsh

    cant enter as usual this site doesnt show capatcha or even all of the answers! whens it going to be fixed?

  11. Rich

    Kooler !!!

  12. ALEX K

    My vans are toast need shoes!

  13. Sotsirol

    No verification code, so cannot enter :-(


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