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Win four Alien Workshop "Andy Warhol" decks!

Win four Alien Workshop "Andy Warhol" decks!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Andy Warhol was known for his famous Campbell’s Soup artwork. Now you need to become famous for shooting a funny or creative photo with a soup based theme. The best photo posted in the “Alien Soup” thread on the Sidewalk Forum will win the four decks and have their winning photo printed in the mag. So get down to your nearest bowls and take some soup!

Post and win –

The funniest or most creative soup based photograph will win four (yes four) Alien Workshop decks!

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  1. keely saycell

    like like like very much

  2. Barker

    I love skating, Im 14, i got tres, please give to me :)

  3. patch healy

    I skate every day except to day because yesterday snapped my board saving up for a new one but would be sick if i got these

  4. Luke

    looking sick

  5. emmet meagher

    Dudes my bored is screwed i sur do need a new 1
    i skate every day i even have my own quater please let me have this prize

  6. Emmet Meagher

    have you guys picked a winner yet

  7. jordan neal

    i just snaped my alien worksho deck have to save up i going to be agers to i get another one it will be so cool if i won these deck

  8. Andrija Vojinovic

    I was ironing pukla.a živinm in Serbia where there are only a few skate shops … I would like to win one .. :)

  9. Andrija Vojinovic

    I broke a skate board. and I live in Serbia, where there are only a few skate shops … I would like to win one .. :)


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